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Oh come to the hundred army show 10minute today keeps the doubts away with our daily 10minute business lessons for the real world i'm your host your coach your teacher omar's at home a muzzle the cofounder of the 100dollar be a complete business training and community online today's episode is a must read episode in our must read episodes i share with you a book that i've read that is greatly influenced me as an entrepreneur i share with you it's takeaways it's insights as well as why you should read it to titties must read is borne standing up by steve martin yes this is not a typical business both but earn so much from this book and has helped me in my business that i want to share with you i'm gonna share with you how steve persevered through a very very difficult first 10 years of his career how you mean major shrines with zero contacts and what he call zero talent measure with you also his techniques with dealing with tough times in his career or business because his he's in show business but also how to protect yourself when you are successor the social wanna share with you when it comes to this both so let's get into it let's get down to business the said episode of the 100dollar ba show is supported by transfer wise if you're a freelancer or a small business owner with clients around the world listen up you need a check out transfer wise tresor rise is a multicurrency account that makes it cheaper to pay and get paid in foreign currencies transfer wise charges and no receiving fees and gives you a great exchange rate the fees to convert and send money are lower too often we cheaper than pay pal and banks joined the two million people who are already saving head on over to transfer wise dot com slash nba to try it for free or download the app again that's transfer wise the dot com slash mba.

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