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In the MLB Players Association is still trying to salvage the twenty twenty season the league appears to extend an olive branch to the union did someone yesterday ESPN reporting that MLB commissioner rob Manfred sent a letter to the Players Association on Sunday offering to Nix the expanded playoff field and universal designated hitter for next season if a full campaign cannot be played in twenty twenty players had been set to vote on Sunday and whether or not to accept a sixteen game season so the offer might be an attempt to sweeten the pot we shall see if the two sides can come together but it's just all about money it's back to school in France after the corona virus shut down their faxes Simon Owen has that story a number of European countries have begun tragedy re opening schools in recent weeks with certain year groups returning limits on class sizes and attendance optional but France is going further requiring almost all students across the country to return to class today president Emmanuel macron said he's accelerating the lifting of coronavirus restrictions after positive data about the virus is spread it London Simon knowing fox news twenty seven no no matter what kind of cool summer camp you were planning to send your kid to this year thanks to covert nineteen it's probably not happening certainly frustrating kids are bound up with parents even more so this doesn't exactly have to ruin summertime folks there's still lots of fun alternatives to camps that will entertain the kiddos and let them have some much needed fun interaction too with the kids now these are some of the suggestions for saving the summer while staying on budget attended virtual day camp lots of day camps are turning to virtual versions where kids can go online for fun activities and experiences with other campers it's not as fun as in person of course but it includes many of the same elements to keep kiddos entertained you can assemble a camp on demand you can book different camps on individual days or weeks and then pick and choose the ones you want one call option as the new national children's museum in Washington DC that has one day virtual summer camps with a focus on steam activities two dates Tuesdays are science days and Thursdays are all about building kid sized structures with everyday materials embrace the quick fix younger kids may not be ready for full on camp style.

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