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Guaranteed on CNN state of the union democratic Senator Sherrod Brown. Says Trump only declared a national emergency because lawmakers refused to pay for the wall. Couldn't get the Mexicans DeVille the wall. He couldn't get congress to vote the money in this is in fact, the first emergency declaration like this. With that kind of construct where he got turned down by congress. And then went ahead and did it. That's why you see somebody Republicans saying don't do this as coalition forces battle the remnants of ISIS in eastern, Syria. Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr reports. There are new concerns about the terror group perhaps more than one thousand ISIS fighters have fled Syria in the last six months of fighting into the western deserts and mountains of Iraq. And they may have two hundred million dollars in cash with them to finance future operation all of this comes as the US backed Syrian fighters with US assistance are struggling to take the last stronghold in Syria at the Daytona five hundred Kyle Busch is in the lead with three laps to go. The race is running overtime. After Paul Menard triggered a twenty two car accident shortly after a restart with ten laps to go. Eric alma role is back wheels. Landed on David Reagan's windshield. I'm evan. Haynick? Texting enroll. WMA news at seven oh to Weinstein. Former virginia. Governor Terry McAuliffe says he's pitching closer to making it on whether or not to run for the democratic.

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