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The cosby family. It's a good day for the cosby family. I guess bad day for all those Those ladies that were the oh left knocked out and violated bad day. Now they got to sit through a holiday with that they go after him civilly and get money. Well that was the thing. I from what i understand is a couple of them got paid out and that's what the problem was is that they couldn't call them to testify and also you couldn't the prosecutor couldn't use any of that stuff from the cases and that's what he used and he was supposed to because they were paid out and closed all that stuff. That's what i understand. I'm not an attorney. Well i'm close enough. Yeah that's true. That's a lot i trust. You said thank you so that is. That's what's happening that whole thing and not a good thing for that trevor. Bauer guy to be going through right now to reading some of the stuff that This girl was alleging that he did even though he's got texts from this woman. Saying hey i wanna drive up there from san diego pasadena california and have rough sex with you and i want you to do all these different things to me and then And it happened a few times and then it happened and now she's upset about it now. I mean we were in the rooms obviously for dungeon. whatever you had But some of the stuff he was doing. It's like well now. He's gotta go and prove himself that she was okay with it and all that and then you know because his he reads up stuff that that he was doing to her. And it makes you go okay. These things obviously weren't in the texan yet. Do this stuff to me yet. Do this stuff to me. But it's along the same lines of what she was texting. She wanted done right but at any point in time get she say no. She said no. That's it and what sucks is i mean for both sides. Obviously you don't want anybody To be a victim of something like that But also now he because of who he is he's got to spend the money and all that stuff and prove that this is you know. Look i'm a celebrity. And i know what it's like. The people go train you for money than you see called marriage. Maybe you're right. I'm a victim. I have text of just being insulted over and over over and over for the last fourteen years but now it is. It is a sad situation for both sides because look again we weren't in there all that stuff and it's easy to go to read the text up. Well she wanted the okay but there's something deeper in here because she doesn't wanna put it all out there and embarrass herself but is there. These are the things like. I was saying before about like being like a celebrity. Kind of thing. Is you got to worry about this stuff too. When you're a guy like that it's like some somebody make me come after you're gone i'm gonna do this. Get get get this from him sex and then when he decides he's bored with me then i'm gonna turn around and ruin and say it's gonna be interesting to see what he does. Is he going to. Actually you know. Fight this stuff. Now throw money at her. He asked to now because it's out there now. Will we find out that she. Her attorneys have gone to his camp. It said look. We'll settle for settled for this kind of money or else we're going public with it. I mean because now that it's out there in public now. His attorneys should be like look. They came up. Said we want to get paid. It's a mess. It sucks The other side of is. I'm glad he's like married. Her has kids or something even though he's got family there are going to be embarrassed by this but Yeah what a pain. I don't know that guy you guy. no. I'm quite frankly. it's. I'm surprised it didn't happen in cincinnati really. Could've i mean other people could start coming out. That's true other girls. i was reading i. He yeah what you can't punch a guy in. Where if she. He was pumping this woman but banned reason. Reading the affidavit. I'm like man reading what she was saying. You're like ooh that's nice and she's driving. Oh but again. We don't know what happened behind closed doors. She could've said okay. Look i only want to do certain things and you did that. Stop stop and then he kept going and then there's a problem. Obviously we don't know what happened but But man that's a now to have that out there if you were him obviously in a different situation where she was coming after you but maybe text got out like. Oh yeah look what he's into. Are you okay with that none. None of that in a negative like assault and all that stuff right. that'd be okay with it. I'm never ended to hurt anybody ever so we got out in a nice way. Like oh yeah. He was into this and we did this. I'll be like yeah. Did that'd be like pootie tang. Yeah.

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