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In Pennsylvania, the president has a modest weed of 16,000 votes and dwindling and their 160,000 outstanding mail in ballots and there is not one county or region in Pennsylvania, where those ballots Wildly to Joe Biden. Whether it's 60, 40 and even out of Philadelphia, it's high 90 10, you know so It's It's math at this point, and it's inevitable in Pennsylvania how the count's going to go. So, um, I mean, it's just a reality here on the ground. I want to just emphasize also because the president has sought to make this a partisan issue. He's falsely said the Democrats were counting in Georgia, where most officials are Republican, for example. I do know that you're you're a Democrat there plenty of Democrats involved in the counting in Pennsylvania. But is it correct that this is a nonpartisan process, also in Pennsylvania that involves both Democrats and Republicans Court? Of course, your Your your listeners can encourage them to follow Commissioner Al Schmidt in Philadelphia. He's a Republican voting commissioner who's helping oversee it and manage it literally. And you can go online and watch them counted on the Internet from anywhere in the world. So this idea, like I hate to even have to see this because it lends credence to these outrageous statements and lives. About the process, not being open and transparent. You know, our election in Pennsylvania went, you know just incredibly well. No voter fraud, No voter intimidation Anything. And we are counting these ballots, and it's taking this long because the Republican Legislature refused to allow even a 24 hour extra window to pre canvass these male and valid But now they didn't. So now they're saying, Well, why is it taking so long? Because you would let the state pre canvas Earlier so we could get a result more quickly. So there was an argument. There was an argument over whether preparatory steps could be taken before the closing. And then I win if I might, though, when the president falsely claims he did last night that there's some kind of fraud somewhere and again. He offered no evidence for that. He didn't even really try to back up his case. He just made it. How if it all does that affect the work of ballot counters in Pennsylvania? It doesn't The president sadly, has just assumed the role of some random Internet troll saying, you know, pointless, outlandish things and I just tune it out. It's just I don't care how big your microphone is. It doesn't make a lie anymore. True, and the fact of the matter is the count is going fine in Pennsylvania. The math is inevitable, and today you're going to see that margin evaporate. Ready pretty quickly and then from there on in, there's no mathematical probability where the president doesn't ultimately come out behind by a significant number of votes. With these mail in ballots their outstanding then I guess we'll just repeat again. Of course you'll count and you'll report what the results are. But you're basing that on the way the mail in ballots have gone so far from All over the country. Let me ask you, Lieutenant Governor about security. I'm told that Philadelphia Police are investigating some kind of plot to attack a convention center where votes are being counted. What have you learned? I mean, I know what you know, in terms of of what what's being read in whatever. But again. It's just contributing to this. This atmosphere of chaos. You know, uh, everyone just needs to take a take a deep breath. And realize that all these forecast of doom and gloom about our election were then come to pass. As I consistently said, You know, we have this process well under control. We are Accounting, and we're wrapping up after the largest election we've ever had in our Commonwealth, and the results will be true and will absolutely reflected democratic will of our residents. That's effect and I will never tweet out anything. Nor will my governor. My governor tweet out anything that Twitter has to slap a warning on like a practice cigarettes. Any statement coming from any Pennsylvania official? Is going to be true. Based on facts and in reality, no warnings are going to be necessary on social media. John Fetterman is lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Federman. Thanks so much for the time really appreciate it. Thank you. And he's telling us to watch for the final count.

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