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Hopping onboard. I never spoke to him before I have heard him from time to time and serious sex Antenna cable network. Not a ton more on serious except MLB network White do some shows and over in the N B. A channel where my guy lt is, but everyone, so I'll get over to the NHL one on I've got David. Very good. He was very good with us again with us. I appreciate that greatly. And oh, he gave me grist for the mill. For Mike shows coming up the next two nights in Philly. The Flyers in the Canadians. One versus eight and you know, eight for the Canadians isn't like really well, I guess you know, I can't make that stance and statement Does the fliers coming into the round robin round where the foreseen East and they won three games and played themselves upto one. The Canadians were the 12 seed coming in and they knock off the five seed. In previous years. They would not even have made the players. But in this pandemic year that we're having a Canadians kind of chance to go in the back door, and they take the back door down and kicked out the Pittsburgh Penguins. I give a ton of credit for that, but It's now a 18 max. Now that we've done away with the designations of playing in and seeding and what number rank you right now, you are the top teams in East the top eight teams in the West. My strength is one the last one to sneak in is the eight. It's the Canadians because they win as a 12 feet. So the Flyers I have to believe are pretty good favorite in this first round, and he said he thinks it was and again. I'm sorry to say, and it's not gonna go well, my fallen out the audience tomorrow. He's not giving the Flyers enough credit for playing the great team hockey. They're playing right now. What he said was correct. Claude Drew. You needed to look him up on the score sheet after the game was over, No assists. No goals didn't really make a major impact on the game. Ah, more check. Same way their top goal scorer from the last several years. Just purely Gauls. I'll throw J V r Can train reams Dyke in that mix got scratched the middle game of the three games so they could get a bigger guy on the ice on J. V. R. Was given a game off. Couturier who had for me has been their best player all year. And is offered Selke Trophy. Um It is. I don't want to say as non existent as award check and true, but he didn't get all have a lot done. It's or Drake boob. L got the 1st 2 goals last night, Scott Lawton is become a scoring machine. The veteran guy who has been huge has been Kevin A's and, oh, by the way, he played that way late in the season and had a big game in the one scrimmage game that against Penguin before they got in. The Flyers at a real deal, Folks, I'm telling you, I'm giving you the can't. If you're a casual hockey fan, and you want to root for a team, you don't really have a team that you root for. Jump on that flier bandwagon. They roll or all four line six deep on defense, and they got a young stud goaltender Carter Heart who in the two playoff games that he played and give credit to Elliot. They're veteran guy who played the middle game. The coach threw him a bone and played him in Game two. But Carter Heart with great Game one and Game three in the play in the Flyers could go deep in these playoffs. And it's not going to be a seven game match up against the Canadians. The only way I would even go there and say that if I was David is Terry Price could stand on his head. That is true. And you know a goaltender Khun do magical things when you get to the postseason and Carter are has been great, but it has been all of two games here in the postseason. So if the Canadians are going to stay in this, believe me, it'll be on the back of their veteran goaltender, but I don't even think that's happening. So, yeah, we did Some hockey. I take some hockey calls Hit you up on whatever it is you want. We've got the Entire field now on the back nine Matt you Wolf has put up the first score in the clubhouse. I thought he was minus 19 much, birdied 18 to get to minus 10. He is now tied atop the leader board shot a 65 today to get the minus 10 finishing out his round. Jason Day is on 15. He's minus four for the day. He's minus Stan Colin Mukora minus 10. Scott Scheffler minus 10. Doesn't get five guys tied for the lead. What about how many holes that D J. D Day's got seven holes left? That's pretty good. That's great golf, So I plan on keeping our eye on that down the stretch. We've got still baseball. I haven't even gotten into yet or any of the NBA's stuff other than Draymond Green runnin his mouth. You tell me what you want to talk about 855 to 124227 Jordan MAC getting back on the line injected, latest CBS Sports Update Hello. Sports flash. All right, Jo. Well, you pretty much covered all the updates with the gulf. Yes, there are six. Count them six guys tied for the lead right now. In the final round of the PGA Championship from CPC Harding Park that includes Dustin Johnson. You mentioned Colin Morikawa and Matthew Wolf, who is in the clubhouse. He did Bernie the 18th hole, so as they come down the stretch here with see if anyone could pull ahead or We'll see a playoff. Keep in mind PGA Championship is a three hole aggregate not sudden death discouraging news surrounding college football Court to multiple reports The 2020 season in serious Jeopardy Power five conference is holding an emergency meeting amid concern that Fall sports across the board cannot be played. Major League Baseball's postpone the upcoming three game set between the Cardinals pirates because of the Corona virus cards haven't played out since July 29 through to their outbreak. I have only completed five games so far this season Ugly benches clearing incident in Oakland today is a Z outfielder Ramon Laureano charged the Astros bench after he was hit by a pitch twice seen that there was some chirping coming from the Houston dugout. Oakland won the Game 7 to 22 sweep that three game. Siri's other finals Brave swept a double header from the Phillies 52 and ate nothing. Padres lit up a struggling Madison. Bumgarner would not beat the Diamondbacks 95 Dodgers over the giant 6 to 2. The Mets double up the Marlins 4 to 2, while the Reyes walked up the Yankees for 23 Royals,.

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