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Roasted when the police officer who shot and killed racial groups at the drive thru and Wendy's Friday night has been charged eleven counts including felony murder the other police officer on the scene has also been charged with aggravated assault that Stephan Brosnan and he may actually be a witness for the prosecution against Garrett roles right now thank us to Sacramento where they did pass a budget is you know some time back during the awful Schwarzenegger years they decided that the in order to get paid they have to pass a budget by June fifteenth well they did but it's fairly meaningless this budget let's bring on state senator Melissa Melendez from the Inland Empire lake Elsinore and get her take on this ludicrous facing a fifty four point three billion dollar deficit they pass a budget with no real budget cuts and no taxes and really no nothing except the hope and a prayer in my right well this is you are it's interesting here we you now have to pass this budget by June fifteenth the constitutional mandate I like to call at bill legislator paycheck protection act because if we don't pass it by June fifteenth then we don't get paid of course they picture it thank you even if it's not such a great job right we've got it under forty three billion dollar budget and spending but it goes up to about two hundred and twenty eighteen billion if you count the money that they are expecting or hoping for from the federal government permitted Katelyn you know covered nineteen support and things like that so they were you know we're voting on it on Monday and they were pining about how Netflix on any portion of the judiciary I think well black dial number eight Jack I don't know that I'd be complaining about not eating pork in the budget yeah I will what's strange about this is that it doesn't seem to I mean they have to they have to have the money by July first there's not that's not gonna happen in Washington DC in a few weeks okay so what it is well there was there in the Senate and assembly budget that was put together and then there's the governor's budget and other tourist has also come up with that sort of consensus yeah most of it kind of relied on the federal money so so for some of it thank you well what this unless we get the paperwork back from Dublin and then at that what did you hang on hang on we're gonna try to get a better connection we're talking to state senator Melissa Melendez but it might be a cell phone in the bad place because I only picking up like every other word of course she's given she's a Republican from lake Elsinore they take on the ridiculous budget that the Democrats with their supermajority passed in Sacramento they still have to go she would do so because Newsome at least in god it's hard to say this did talk about how we may need to cut some things and maybe the state workers need to take a pay cut but this democratic legislature wants none of that these are tough times no cuts in any we're gonna be more social services than ever even though with the economy tax revenues have been tanking so it's kind of a a non starter and it's it's like one of the most fake budgets I can recall reading about in years with fifty four point three billion dollar budget deficit there is no plan except they're hoping that Washington DC passes a big stimulus package that sends the state of California billions and billions of dollars and by the way they ate up some of the reserves and some of that was spent on Gavin Newsom's mask deals and other coronaviruses spending all right let's see if we have her back better yeah it's better you were kind you were if you were fairly well breaking up there all right so you were just explaining your take on this ridiculous so non budget deal yeah so there's a lot of stuff in this budget that relies on federal funding so we get the money from the fed then they say okay well we won't cut this but if we get the money from the fed I mean it's it's a lot it's a hope and a prayer for sure and you mentioned that we're not going to get that money from by July first and that that's correct in fact I think they've already been said that we're not going to get it by then so we pass the budget we're mandated to do that by June thirtieth but I'm not sure how they're gonna continue to spending I've been a loss of hearing the date of October first if they don't get the federal money by July first and they have to do something or can it wait till October first before they do something or is it never matter well the governor has to sign a budget by June thirtieth you know whatever version added that he wants to sign so the budget that we passed in will send his desk he can you know take some things out of that budget you can say no we're not going to pay for this right now we're not going to cut back but you can't add anything to it the budget does have to be signed by June thirtieth if we if he doesn't sign it he just said no I'm not I'm not signing its budget then we don't have a budget to work on because July first start the new fiscal year style you know you kind of just operating in the winter and I I would hope that they would consider doing that but again we don't know if that money's coming or when it's coming still yeah and they've got a great strategy they haven't discussed raising taxes on people I guess actually the house I'm not in the budget bill but in regular in a legislative bill if they have one there's a tax on Beiping devices there's I mean there's there's another one I think there's about three different proposals there's one on gaming online gaming I believe it is and there's one other one I have actually a building to come to my committee but I've heard about them so they definitely have you know tax increases in new taxes that they're proposing she's not in this budget you know the governor also has a five million dollar you park that he wants to build in this budget and you know you have to ask yourself okay so worried imports fifty four billion dollar budget deficit why in the world are you suggesting that we spend five million on a new park a park where well he hasn't said so it makes me wonder is the park going to be a gift to whatever legislature which whatever legislator you know hits the yes button in boats for this budget that puts it over the finish line I don't know but he hasn't Edward is all right thanks for coming on state senator muscle and as appreciated a Republican from my lake Elsinore and just doing a newly in the state Senate and the assembly for years they're also you should know the gas tax is going up July first oh my god remember miserable SP one the gas tax increase from twenty seventeen that's got in it an automatic increase in the gas tax every year based on inflation so the tax is going to increase by three point two cents come July first to fifty point five cents per gallon that's just the state gas tax if all sorts of taxes and fees on top of that which makes the price of a gallon of gas expensive in the state of California the only beat out by Hawaii and we told you when I die I saw this explained to one of the stories but apparently Newsome wanted to divert a hundred and thirty million dollars in interest from the state highway account remember the lock box that they were so proud of the past back in twenty eighteen I think couldn't steal from the gas tax funds he tried to do that but it looks like the legislative budget committee blocked up but ask yourself this and the price of gas is starting to go back up is driving picks up are you releasing all these projects that they talked about they were going to do when they did all that advertising to be back or attempt to repeal the gas tax increase remember they put those big sign boards your tax dollars at work SP one you see many of those now I think I saw one in the last month and the roads seem any better after two years of this billions of dollars that they've taken really you.

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