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App that's number three oklahoma matching up with number eleven tcu for baker mayfield this will be his fifth start against the ranked tcu team he has yet to lose what more can ease show youthful that he has an already or you can feel better the 47yearold quarterback he can still player air and there has been a a pretty remarkable choir our than you think some of the for casimir exteriors verbal exchange going on about we'll dacre killed may or may not have done a great game has changed the earth merely injury uh you know i you know that your sandbag away yeah yeah he let your left delve maker airfield look of worked out pretty well for you i mean at t thing you and gary addison recruited you're giving you a scholarship new probably wouldn't be winning eisman trophy like you are this year and going on your 27th years of college quarterback so things have been things have been pretty good and i think they'll continue to do well the thing with tcu is now you look at statistically the last time these two teams faced off the things will pretty even but it was it tcu just could not possess the football and it was all the pretty quickly they were in a nine minute disadvantage and time of possession and i think you know it's i mean these are on it it's obvious but you have to be able to convert on third down a hill just has to sustain drives because if you put the ball in the hands when they feel uh and rodney anderson use this is a team that is going to put up a lot of points and if he's you can take a page in and do what they did and still water with they converted on third downs time and again won the turnover battle and we're able to win it at least some big plays out oklahoma state they can do guy gets the sumers they'll have a chance i'm never going to count out gary patterson but um just man for man i just don't see how they are they compete with oklahoma he's done host of football final right here on espn radio which precedes us max schick mack we appreciate the insight prekeynesian jampacked like mississippi's football programme has been a hey did a.

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