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Listen the Maryland town Thurmond remember keep track of all these towns and come October fourth we're going to pick the winner there were one hundred dollars worth of tickets to the horizon cinemas in this four of in the area okay Thurmond is today's also stuff to give away and I'm not sure how to do it because I have I have tickets to the W. W. E. or money have tickets to the Mayfair just give it away and in our part in antique show so it should we should have if I just take the van in the parking lot if it ever comes by you don't do that that's fine okay so after I get off the view out of just make sure nobody hits a because it was just re done does it keep you out of the building because it does come to the parking lot at the at the doubletree by Hilton in Pikesville and while supplies last after nine o'clock it's not a cockroach okay the comeback combined will give the stuff away okay all right also my featured attraction of the week and I haven't I do this once awhile I visited this week is the aviation museum at the Glenn L. Martin airport is fast and have you ever been there well yes years ago you have this place the actual real real planes on this flight models and replacements about sixteen of so and it's a there is a small fee but if it's worthwhile experience it's fun did you pay that fee when you visited I that's because can you on here moving right along with the nation's newest national park you know where it is it's the Indiana dunes in northern Indiana read the first our brand new park it overlooks Lake Michigan and also in the distance it is clear you can see Chicago well Jon Hamm well then manual Maranda from Hamilton Gene Simmons Billy crystal staying in Mr too you know what I'll have in common hello all celebrities yes and they're also the they taught school before they became famous school teachers okay let me see it would have or that for TV and would recommend a documentary it's real this is Joe Thomas all right credible very good story of Berry Gordy in a motel at the movie I would recommend the film loose L. U. C. E. with Octavia Spencer Naomi watts and Tim Roth playing at the Charles events this weekend and beyond the call of the state fair through Monday at the military grounds into about him the Maryland renaissance festival through October twentieth in Crownsville the Baltimore art into can really shows a mention of the convention center hundreds of exhibits for the US and abroad Baltimore comedy festival through Monday at various venues in go to Baltimore comedy festival that confirmation you ever you know if you remember this is a one time Pennsylvania Avenue was a close rival to Harlem when it came to music right and live shows well tonight tomorrow the Billy Holly arts a music festival with a parade films music and other events and Pennsylvania Avenue area move up must might know that Diana Ross played Billie Holiday in the nineteen seventy film lady sings the blues the Charles street twelve Saturday morning that's a walk from the kennel worth a shot we have to look as point can you imagine wow worth the Lucas point and four day trip there's longs park arts festival in Lancaster is voted by art fair my calendar as the top rated east coast our festival in twenty eighteen and go and go on a Arden purchase art can do that and that's this weekend out there like us with the top rated vessel is pretty good some of them are you actually rent or in Europe your house I rent art I don't answer that he was framed that's right there when I tell you that I grew up with my girlfriend I did too did you get there from what occurred the light stealing his roles XLT in the parking lot at nine o'clock nine o'clock for those prizes all right thank you Mr may call each other by our last names now again I say okay this all right alright I will hold that latter like Casey talk males right though because our goal of one traffic time and you know when your president is it gets really excited I get is only got thirty two minutes ago and he was you got it what time is it the time today by the way what time do we leave here one nine a one they're going to go there in time and I know three okay slash reports on a cell phone thank coming up next a former Carroll County commissioner Richard Ross Charles on what happened yesterday in Carroll County here with the latest his truck with the west side outer loop is still slow tried around I seventy at least the Frederick road the interloper still stop and go it's right around park ice Avenue green spring to the J. affects the northeast side that one slow pocket between Hartford road about telling the valley road on the outer loop J. faxes clear some slowing again at eight ninety five at the old harbor tunnel the northbound side of ninety five is slowing especially on the right side at the toll plaza at the fort McHenry tunnel I'm Chuck would occur when traffic it with the first talk radio six eighty WCBS after very nice crisp start to our Friday temperatures of one heat out we are headed up towards ninety with sunshine.

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