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Highway in Roslindale been Parker with new information coming up state trooper Matthew she and pleads not guilty to assault and battery in a shooting on the expressway a woman's recovery house throws down the welcome mat in the city of Worcester soon the house votes to formalize the rules for the impeachment inquiry into president trump who calls at all with China a new ISIS audio message is out not only acknowledging the death of al Baghdadi but also naming a new leader international security director for the Asia Pacific foundation in London some song go hell the successor to Abu Bakar but Daddy has been identified as Abu Abraham I'll a **** Kureishi they are claiming that this is an individual who can trace his lineage to the prophet Muhammad's Koresh tribe which carries a lot of symbolic significance but there is not much else that's known about this individual the audio contains warning for the United States that isis is expanding law enforcement is getting ready for this weekend's New York City marathon since the death of Abu Bakar about Daddy in American raid deputy police commissioner John Miller said the NYPD is track dozens of ISIS propaganda pieces that feature New York City images and urge attacks but he said there's no change in the security plan for this weekend's marathon the developments Prabhakara Baghdadi will obviously affect isis and that they're going to have to readjust but it's not going to affect us in that we were already at the highest levels there are no specific credible threats though thousands of officers will be on duty to protect fifty thousand runners in a million spectators Erin could hurt ski ABC news New York the CDC has new numbers of cases lane to vaping related long injuries and it continues to climb the CDC confirming two hundred and four newly reported cases involving patients with long injuries in forty nine states that brings the total to one thousand eight hundred and eighty eight confirmed and probable cases of lung injury related to vaping products the CDC also confirming thirty seven deaths in twenty four states and Washington DC the CDC along with FDA investigators say so far there is no specific E. cigarette related product that is to blame and federal health officials have warned consumers to stop vaping in using off market flavors and oils like T. H. C. Michelle Franzen A. B. C. news on the south shore of program at Plymouth north high school is giving students the opportunity to connect with the community by painting murals around town WBZ's Suzanne's sauce filled with this story the students have a canvas it's not just in the classroom but it could be on a trash can in their math teachers rom or it could be on a walk down by the ocean our teacher Lauren Jisr ski says the schools art in the community program is a way for students to positively impact the town through art so it gives them really this incredible opportunity to give back to their community but it gives them a voice it gives them the outlet they've done three murals are ready the latest one under a bridge over main street they painted but to them represents the town like lobsters waves and cranberries Sydney who's a senior says it makes her feel more connected to the community for like years I'm gonna walk by me like well I participated in that like I helps like make Plymouth like pretty here I got us in Plymouth Suzanne saws will W. B. C. Boston's news radio hello we can be a very dangerous holiday for children at right around now the kids are going out visibility is poor we spoke with one police captain James Spencer about the risk of kids getting hit by a car on this day he says is higher than any other day of the year use.

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