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801 from the WTMJ breaking news Senate President Biden and letting out a sweeping plan to get more Americans vexed, tested and wearing masks. The new rules apply to all federal workers and contractors who employ more than 100 people. ABC's Rebecca Germany, of the nation's largest corporations already have vaccine mandates of their own. But these new rules now apply to tens of thousands more companies and employees they cover about 100 million Americans that is two thirds Of the nation's workforce. Private employees can opt out. They can choose to test regularly, but the businesses that opt out and don't comply will face stiff penalties up to $14,000 per infraction per violation. The president's comments not playing well across the aisle. Linda Kenyan in Washington. President Biden's announcement of new federal vaccine requirements a spark quick reaction around the country, including this from South Dakota Republican Governor Christie Gnome who spoke on Fox News. We will take action. My legal team is already working. And we will defend and protect our people from this unlawful mandate. The president says he's trying to protect the health and the lives of the American people amid the surge of the Delta variant that is killing thousands every week, U. S Senator Ron Johnson, calling the president's mandate quote an outrageous trampling of civil liberties MPs. The first district in Wisconsin, requiring employees get vaccinated against Covid 19 TMJ four is Taylor Lumpkin. The mandate drew mixed reactions from parents, NPS employees and the teachers union. Well, I believe in dancin And that they can do I also believe in medical credible choice to our school. Nursing leaders stand ready to work with MPs to meet this important safety concerns about possible teacher retention were also brought up the shortage that we already are facing. But others argued the vaccine mandate would actually do more good than harm. We might find individuals to what to come and work in a district that has a mandate for everybody being vaccinated Teachers not vaccinated by the November 1st deadline, go on unpaid. Suspension and could be fired the former Supreme Court justice leading an investigation into Wisconsin's November 2020 election results is now requesting any and all files related. To that contest. Michael Gableman, sending a letter of request to the Wisconsin Elections Commission asking the commissioner is there to relay the local clerks that they need to preserve any and all records related to the contest, including router and computer access logs. The Election Commission, in their own investigation found no evidence of widespread fraud related to the election. Newly minted gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Kleefisch, supporting that ongoing election investigation, telling Wtmj Scott words that to do whatever it Takes in order to make sure That people go back and vote. It is a danger to our Democratic republic if people refused to go and vote because they don't trust our elections anymore, Kleefisch expected to be joined by several other Republicans in the race, hoping to challenge incumbent Governor Tony Evers next November. Milwaukee County Sheriff Purnell Lucas has his eyes set on higher office. Lucas Thursday announcing He said, to run for mayor of Milwaukee, becoming the second person to announce that they want to take the reins from Mayor Tom Barrett, who himself said to become the next U. S. Ambassador to Luxembourg Common Council President Calculator Johnson. Told WTMJ. He also intends to run for a full mayoral term. Coming up a new home for Judge Judy Setting Unlimited WTMJ News. Tomato for your house looks different. What did you do? We had the roof inciting cleaned by algae men. It looks brand new. I bet that costs a lot. Well, that's the best part. Algae men came in and got rid of all those ugly black stains and whatever that green splotchy stuff was, and they did it at a great cost. Yeah, but is it a franchise? I like to use local guys? Nope. Found. Right here in Waukesha County. Great. How can I get in touch with them albumin dot com. And call for a free quote. Algae men They clean areas that you don't want to. Locally based Windows Select helps Wisconsin homeowners save on energy efficient windows, Citing indoors right now received to Green Bay Packers tickets with your free home estimate. No purchase necessary just have them out to your home and learn about their a plus.

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