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The slant of the delayed slant which could be like someone like a mike evans then that post is going to be open over the top with chris collin or vice versa safety stays deep then all of a sudden. You've got an easier read for that underneath one on one match up with the <hes> the wide receiver so that's how you're gonna give jameis winston some defined looks. That's type gonna make him look better than he is and it is. I think brazilians that can do that. He is going to absolutely test the discipline of the players players right down the middle phil whether that's fred warner quantocks zander and jimmy ward and he's going to test that he's going to run somebody off. He's going to snake somebody and like you mentioned right behind him and you can't take the cheese. That's pretty much what defensive say you can't take. The teacher can't offer the first crosser and run out of arizona. I don't think you're going to get him because usually when somebody's leaving somebody's coming either right back to you or somebody's going to replace him so it'll be interesting to see if they are able to catch the forty niners off guard because they had a lot of mental mistakes last last year and it led to big play so we will see how much of an impact joe woods will make all right so mike evans chris godwin. They're pretty solid wide receiver pair. Who do you think it's the better of the matchup this weekend because they're going up against the kella witherspoon and richard sherman who again the corners are the suspect area of the forty niners defense and the secondary is as a whole and now they're getting a pretty solid tessier with tampa bay. What do you think is happening with those matchups as one of the biggest sherman fans in the world tampa bay has the advantage in this matchup and i think we're gonna find out pretty quick. Nick if witherspoon has any sort of boss goes. I think that's been sort of holding back just being able to find the ball. Make plays on the boy and james is gonna throw it up and good godwin is is going to make those contested plays and we all know that evans gonna make those contested place so if this wound is able to contest some of these throws they'll be fine but if he if he can't find the ball it's probably going to be a long afternoon for the forty niners defense yeah..

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