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Saint stephen's cathedral. Welcome to saint. Stephen's cathedral this massive church with its four hundred fifty foot. Steeple is the gothic needle around which vienna spins. It survived many wars in today's symbolizes. The city's irrepressible spirit. Hi i'm rick steves. Thanks for joining me on a visit to saint stephen's cathedral. P- no one to the vienna's as stephens dome. We'll see it both outside. And in i the soaring exterior with its massive tower and colorful tile roof then inside there's the vaulted studded with statues will gaze into the eyes of a remarkably lifelike self-portrait. We'll see the chapel. Where mozart was married plus an eclectic assortment of tombs altars and icons from the habsburgs mighty empire. Oh yes an cannonball lodged in the wall allow forty-five minutes this visit. The church is free to enter for a quick view from the doorway but to see all the sites inside. You'll need to pay admission. According to the church is medieval creators. Saint stephen stands like a giant jeweled. Reliquary praising god today the church and its tower have become vienna's most iconic how to use this audio guide as you can see from the display window on your mp three player. Each of saint stephen's greatest. Hits has its own title and track number much like the songs of a cd or album. You can skip ahead or taylor itinerary to your own tastes but navigating around the church on your own can be a bit confusing. It's easiest to just follow the tour in the order. I've laid out to help along. I've invited my colleague lisa. Welcome lisa guten tag hair. Steve's she'll give directions from one stop to the next after listening to lease directions. You can pause the audio guide then restarted at the next track when you're ready to see the next site be aware that even with the best of directions sites do change. Artwork can be covered for restoration and traffic flow can be rerouted if you're taking this tour with my rick steves audio europe app. Don't miss its latest features. There are zuma bull maps showing the route and each stop. These are viewable. While you listen a twenty-second rewind button allows you to catch something. You might have missed or here. Vital directions the second time and the speed button makes me talk faster. Chipmunk style you can read the actual script of this tour and if you'd like more information on the spot you can download our entire guidebook on this destination with a couple of clicks those following this tour on their ipod rather than with my fancier app may find that my guidebook to this place with its maps photos and exhibit titles can make following this audio tour easier be flexible and don't hesitate to ask a friendly local for help finding your way vo list that means where is now. Let's visit same stevens. lisa get started. Thanks rank the tour. Begins the cathedral exterior. Begin at stephens plots the square outside the church. We'll start along the right hand side of saint stephen's that is the south side. Find a spot where you can take in the sheer magnitude of this massive church with its skyscrapers inspire. Saint stephen's is a marvel of medieval architecture. The towers and prickly steeples pointed arches gargoyles statues and the colorful mosaic tile roof. For fifteen hundred years. This spot has been the center of vienna's christian faith. The church we see today is the third to occupy this space after a fire burned the previous church around twelve fifty. Today's entrance facade was built over the next two and a half centuries. They extended the nave and towers at the end of each transept. Saint stephen's covers almost an acre of land. That was a huge church for a small medieval town of ten thousand but vienna's founder the habsburg duke rudolph the fourth wanted to put his hometown on the map in thirteen forty. He bankrolled new construction. Saint stephen's was to be bigger than even saint vitus cathedral in prague. A century later the new church was so grand helped convince the authorities. That vienna deserved bishop. So that church became a cathedral. Politically vienna soon replaced prague as the capital of the holy roman empire. The impressive south tower is four hundred and fifty feet tall and capped with golden orb and cross. It took two generations to build about sixty five years and was finished in fourteen. Thirty three no church spire in the empire would ever be taller by habsburg decree. The tower is a rarity among medieval churches in that it was actually completed as planned many church towers like saint. Stephen's north tower remained unfinished by the time the gothic style petered out with its three hundred and sixty degree view. The south tower was once key to the city's defense functioning has a lookout point. These days it offers a great view to tourists. But you'll earn it. It's three hundred and forty-three tightly wound steps up. A spiral staircase lisa. They told me that hike burns about one soccer tort worth of calories. Oh good i'll need to see it twice one time top. You can look down on the church's colorful roof. You can see. Vienna's low level skyline. How major skyscrapers are exiled to the outskirts. And in the distance to the southwest the green hills of the vienna woods. Mark the start of the alps for more than half a millennium saint. Stephen's has been the heart and soul of vienna. Check your pockets for ten coins. You'll see that austria's picked the south tower as their icon. Even today the viennese have an affectionate nickname for the tower. They call it steph. Or little stevie. Now let's look closer at the church. The colorful roof is sharply pitched and stands two hundred feet tall. It's covered in two hundred and thirty thousand ceramic tiles. The zigzag pattern here on the south side is purely decorative with no special symbolism. now find the middle buttress. Look above the low green roof and find the buttress marked with the date. Sixteen eighty three look closer. I don't see it no closer even closer to see. What's that stuck in the buttress. It's a cannonball that's right. It's a remnant of when the ottoman turks lead siege to the city in sixteen eighty three. The church has weathered other wars as well. You'll notice that the north tower on the other side of the church is only half the size of little shefa. It was meant to be just as big as the south tower with a matching steeple. The ottomans were approaching the city. Construction funds had to be diverted to the defense department and tower was never finished even in modern times. The church has suffered from war. Locate some old black and white photos posted on the square. You'll find them next to the door marked.

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