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On andy miller and you will listening to little atoms a radio show that only dis and culture lecico her nicholas not survey sen who is a to begin revenge took it away you'll fashions rosy in the novel well in the novel nicholas notes which is an ambitious young man on the make who grows up in a grows up in a lower middle class is a shopkeeper son from church with crimea in the russian empire who's bitten by the bug of journalism once the glamour of he follows a rally glamorous war correspondent into the balkan wars ends up in paris men is as many rights have found as time before and since his stock in italy's serie korea with all its uncertainty and is trying to make money and gradually gets entangled with those r's secret police in paris in his efforts to his efforts to make a living and the real not surveys what do we actually now of him pretty much that it that is also true of the real notes of each i've when quite deep 102 up i met neelam ain't that be the world's khreisat authority currently on nicklaus notes of it well he's nor grand claim obscure but he bought i've i went to the british library and there are there will some declassified documents about him because he was up sums skulduggery talking to the compare the british india office who was trump's busy trying to get on the payroll as a double agent and there's an account of the person who interviewed him in simla.

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