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I keep talking for hours logger, but I do close every episode asking my guest, this same chew questions than I am really interested your your answers to these questions that are a bit big picture. So are you ready for that? Okay. I'll do my best. All right. So I want you to think about the future in whatever context is relevant to you right now could be a personal context. It could be global. It could be even more dick as it were, but I want you to tell me I, what is the thing that sort of keeps you up the most at night that you're most concerned about that maybe you have a bit of a pessimistic view of what is what is the thing that you're most concerned about? But on the flip side of that, what are you genuinely like? Honestly, not lip service a hopeful and optimistic and excited for? Well, I think there's no doubt that I most freaked out about antibiotic. Assistance. A huge problem. I mean, I can as a result of writing misspoke. I can imagine a future near future were a simple procedure like a a c. section could could kill women could cause women's death. I mean, more than it already does for complication reasonably. Oh, yeah. I mean, or our towns elected, you know, could all of a sudden be a matter of life and death, so so that is a, you know, I can help think, wow, you know, cuts new. My son is working with these big saws right now and he cut his thumb. What if he cut off his in in the future without antibiotics, what would happen? Gosh, it would be back to the pre antibiotic era. Like I remember sorry to interject but I tell the story lot are member. I had married McKenna on the podcast. In the first year it was really early. It was. You know recently, she wrote a book called big chicken, which is bad antibiotic resistance in farm animals. The book that we talked about then superbug was about Mersa, methicillin-resistant staff, and I asked her about this new grade of kind of resistant, gonorrhea and what what's going to happen when it's finally, you know this finally, a version of it that's completely resistant to all antibiotics on the market. And she said she asked a researcher about that and is that you know, what do you do? What do you do if you contract this infection and his answer, don't get gonorrhea. Yeah, like there is nothing you could do at that point. Exactly. It's it's on a, you know it would. It would be it potentially can usher in era of grief. Yeah. So on the other hands because of all the interesting work that's happening microbiology and the reason why everybody needs to like get behind it is there are new ways they're the researchers are considering new ways. To break up the biofilm formation to break up the very aspect of bacteria that allows them to present violence in the first place that is magnificent because that that means, you know, you would interrupt you wouldn't be killing the bacteria and whatever that would mean to the ecosystem at large, which just interrupt their ability. It's like giving them the sector, just interrupted at -bility to present VERA lens and that work is really viable. It's it's really happening. And to me, it's like a, it's the pure gracefulness of science with a combined with a world important application, so cool. Gosh, should we really like there are new vistas in front of us. This idea just like you said, preventing Vera Lynn society of universal vaccines, like all of these really neat like approaching the problem in a different way and potentially having massive global impact? Yeah, it's Hoke citing, but it only happens if he looked like by it's really by looking into the unseen world, our site can clear. That's how I see it anyway. What a perfect note and this fabulous conversation on guys. The book is microbial attorney into the unseen world around you. Check it out. It's it's just so informative. It's so well written and it's really compelling and Eugenia. Thank you so much for joining me on the show this blast. Thank you. I enjoyed it very much. I'm so glad and everyone listening. Thank you for coming back week after week. I'm really looking forward to the next time. We all get together to talk nerdy..

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