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Dot org for more information on the new mother merry laying Catholic school when we return we will speak to George York man author of a new book about mother merry lying for Catholic Baltimore George madis act we'll be back in a moment news from the archdiocese of Baltimore and around the world from the Catholic review the October twenty third funeral mass for Thomas K. dollars Sandra with the third included multiple reminders of his belief in the power of education and the gospel of Saint Matthew Alexander a champion of civil rights during his single term as mayor of Baltimore died October twentieth at age ninety his home church Saint Leo the great in Little Italy wasn't large enough to accommodate those wanting to pay their respects so the liturgy was held at Saint Ignatius a location in keeping with Dallas and grows affinity for Jesuits and their ideas casual father William waters presided Dallas centos education including what were then Lowell high school and Lola college and father waters relating his role in the creation of Saint Ignatius Loyola academy a free middle school for boys from families of limited means the closing right was led by archbishop William me Lori who arrived appropriately enough after the groundbreaking for the first new Catholic school in Baltimore in nearly sixty years I had the thought the archbishop said that all of us stand on Tommy's shoulders he was someone who loved those in need Dallas address father also served as mayor of Baltimore his sister Nancy Pelosi is currently speaker of the US house of representatives Jennifer Kreskin has been appointed the new executive director of the Maryland Catholic conference the Annapolis based conference announced in an October twenty first news release Oscar has served as executive director of the Colorado Catholic conference for the past twelve years and brings extensive experience representing the public policy positions of the Catholic Church on a broad range.

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