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The streets of Oakland any day. So, you girl? Yeah, that five be rolling in the bay. It's nice so good. I don't think he understands like how much joy he brings. People maybe does on some low far, says Dub Nation still has a man crush on Zaza. 831 says Dub Nation wants to be attending games at their palace at Chase next season, Joe Lake, But remember that game when I loved what I loved about Zaza, is he such a nice guy? When you talk to him? He's just a beautiful dude. However, on the court do not forget how nasties as I could remember that night he knocked Rusty. Remember one Russ started shooting his mouth off crazy Rust Westbrook and he was like I'm gonna do it is something to do that you could meet me and we had him on the show. And you can meet me anywhere he wants, like he wasn't even the least bit face. And then he put Westbrook on the ground. Will one of his incredibly hard picks and just stood over him. Remember that without question? I think you know that movie. I never saw these movies, The Liam Neeson taken Siri's and all that, Nor have I I can't come. And maybe copes can help on this. But isn't he dealing with some of those brutal sort of kidnappers and terrorists? Vault eight notes Ain't no accident. Let's get racial up in this piece that they set those things in eastern Europe. Polly, you get to Eastern Europe. I mean, you're going to be some tough dudes. You're going to be all the proof. I'd learned my lesson after I watch The Sopranos Pine Barrens episode there was shooting a Russian gangster. They shot the guy in the head. He still got up and ran. You've got ran off. And Paulie walnuts is like, how could I just get the guy in the head? I saw blood go flying. Guy gets up and run away. They never found him again. So that was for me, Murph. That's all I needed to know. Once David Chase told me like, Don't mess with Russians. I said Yes, sir. Point taken like By contrast, I got flashed with his little his little caramel flavour is little caramel furred head in my lap looking for a scratch right now. I'm not Albanian or George in a Russian. You know, I mean, because I mean, like I was soft and cuddly with my dog. No, you need somebody to set a pick. Or terrorize Liam Neeson. You're going eastern Europe. Great. No, seriously. We use somebody the handle Westbrook. You've got to bring in somebody from Georgia. And by the way, shout out to all the great Russian bakeries on Geary in about the teens where, if the early twenties your 19th 22nd. There's a few of those really good Russian bakeries up there. No questions. Such a pic too, You know. Yeah, Yeah. Matty Naoko is Teo is talking nine or football up in Seattle. I gotta get some. Aren't we getting a feel out on Polly Mac on this game? I still feel like it's a winnable game. I I wish our health was a little bit better, but I do not like I said earlier, man, it just I don't like not overly cocky, but it would not shock me. If the Niners win this game, close game, Let's go. That's the Patriot game changed my opinion did Yeah, it was great when Matty next campfire 1045 and 6 80 the sports You're listeningto Murph in back available now on your Google home. Smart Speaker. This is KNBR 1045 and 6 80, the sports leader. In years past, we've heard about Seattle's Legion of Boom and the 12 Man. And nowadays, all you hear is Russell Wilson his passing touchdown off day. What the MVP candidate has yet to face the sand French psycho paths. It's fun to be part of a team with a bunch of psychopaths, led by Freddy Fred Water will come up with a big At 11. Papa and Lung spent a full hour with Greg's partner in the booth. Tim Ryan. Oh,.

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