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The top of every hour i'm vic vaughn on chicago's very own seven twenty wgn wgn radio's daily conversation about the life of business and the business of life this is the opening bell with steve manage on seven twenty two with each new year good morning everyone welcome back to the program thanks for being here with us at our wednesday edition of the opening bell the 2017 sustainable cities mobility index is out the study put together by arkadiusz a global engineering design and consultancy firm when talk more about this morning with lee and thomas foster who is an associate vice president added latest good morning block into the opening bell warning and how are you this morning i'm doing very well thank you i am there i hope you're doing well as so as well let's talk a little bit about your study first tell us of wh what it is that that you mean by sustainable and what kinds of things did you study here well sure looked at the interval piedmont on mobility index is a comprehensive report it looks his sustainable transportation uh we measured one hundred cities worldwide are we commissioned a renowned research um per me commissioner renowned research firm called center for economics and business research from london and this a study exports three pillars of sustainability which are the social which if the people aspect of the environmental which is the planetary aspect and the economic which is the offer profit aspect uh we also looked at one hundred uh cities for sustainable urban mobility system uh the goal was to demonstrate the understanding of mobility challenges in urban city is focused on her ear forum joel singer portsea your a transits uh doing around basically is what you were latina you don't quite a bit um so named three three pillars like we talked about so there's people on the planet during the profit so for the unturned to the people indicators we looked at several different indicators like the taliban for example the traffic fatalities per one hundred thousand inhabitants of we looked at the.

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