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At ESPN daily. Were covering the greatest sports stories in history. We know what makes the Dream Team. And when you're hiring for your business you need the recruits. That will become champions. Yes that's why you need indeed for Your Business indeed will help you find the best playmaker. Fear business with tools like online skills tests that help candidates show. They're the perfect tire tire for you. Post your next job at indeed dot com slash. ESPN daily and try skills tests for free. That's indeed dot com slash. ESPN daily really terms. Conditions and exclusions apply. Here's another story. I want you to know last week. I told you about an unusually dedicated gated winnipeg blue bombers fan could declared back in two thousand one that he would not put on pants until his team won. The Canadian. Football League's break-up. Well this Sunday with this team taking on the Hamilton Tiger cats in the championship. Game in Calgary blue bombers fan. Chris Matthew is closer than ever to tossing aside his shorts. I spoke with him to see how he was feeling ahead of this fateful weekend. So Chris take us back to two thousand one. Your beloved blue bombers were favored to win the Grey Cup. What was going through your mind at the time? And how did this wager. Come to be well We're actually I watch Monday night. Football at One of the local establishment and it was was late November like it always Great Cup and it was a nice year so I was still wearing shorts and We were talking to a couple of the players That we're playing for the bombers the following Sunday in the Grey Cup. We had a record of fourteen and four. And I think Calgary was eight and ten or so so this was going to be a no brainer now. The next day somebody said to me well how. How long are you wearing those short? And I said until the bombers win the Grey Cup and as you know there's no sure thing in sports and they went out then lost on the following Sunday and have been back twice but still haven't won so I'm still insurance so you have never worn pants in that time. Maybe a half a dozen times if I've had to go to a funeral and only if it's a funeral people who don't know about my whole not wearing pants thing. Why did you decide to stick to you this because I said it would As simple as that I I used to teach a retired schoolteacher schoolteacher and I used to try and instill in my kids mice by students that Your word is your bond and if you say something you better stand behind what it is that you say so then once once. I said that I was GONNA do this. I couldn't very well turn around and and not That would be really hypocritical so I I've stuck with it and frankly right now. I kind of like wearing shorts all the time Chris. What do you say to someone when he says feel like? You just wanted to wear shorts. Well I would say to them What if you really just? I want to wear shorts then. You shouldn't be living in Winnipeg. Let's say the blue bombers win. What will be the first pair of pants you put on well and this is not tell you something about my wife She would probably prefer that. I wear my shorts because the first pair of pants that I put on because it's been in eighteen years and not all of them fit is an old pair of zoo. Baz Pants the hammer pants. The parachute pants. That's the first pair that's going on. Nice camouflage gray have you had those in your closet just waiting for this moment. Well I used to wear them all the time to tell you the truth but yeah they've been just sitting around and I thought well what what what would I wear because This is now crunch time here and I put on my if you will my funeral pants. But they're they're really kind of Dressy so I thought what else got. Ah Out and so after. This is all over again if you guys win. Are you GONNA go back to wearing pants full-time all time. Mix them in or do you think you're going to wear mostly shorts. I'm still gonNA wear mostly shorts but at least now it gives us some options of other things that we can do It will take away. Hey the stairs when I go to concerts and You know Plays and things like that and we'll be able to get into all fancy restaurants now but but most of the time. No I wear the shorts I quite like. So what are you going to do with the blue bombers lose same thing. I've been doing for the last eighteen years just wearing wearing shorts and waiting until next year. Good Luck Chris Thank you very much this has been espn daily or show is produced by Michael. Balti- era Troy Farkas Alexandre hyacinthe Mike. John's Steve Martine eighteen and a welcome to our newest cast member. Sophia Max Martin Ryan Intel David Cirrhosis. Andy tennant Eve tro Christine Menello. Oh Aaron Vail. We'll talk T- Monday..

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