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Novi, Coo Mark Bhargava, Goldman discussed on Unconfirmed: Insights and Analysis From the Top Minds in Crypto


Goldman's Erstwhile Double Man Bun bitcoin trading division. You have to see the tweet replete with a photo to see what I'm talking about. Although Goldman didn't evaluate bitcoin actual features the fact that the analysts felt a need to cover it at all suggests that there's interest from clients as Kevin Treated grey scales. Bitcoin trust by eighteen thousand nine hundred and ten bitcoins since the having only twelve thousand three hundred thirty seven been coins have been mind since the having next headline coin base acquiring prime broker to go me and seventy million dollar plus deal first reported by the block. Last Fall Crypto Unicorn coin base is acquiring prime broker to me which helps clients execute large trades at the best possible price. The deal is pending regulatory approval. The block also reports that go me was also in talks with finance and that too sources indicate that the price tag was somewhere between seventy million dollars and one hundred million in an interview with coin esque. Coo Mark Bhargava says that the acquisition will not pose a conflict of interest. He said quote. We think we will still be able to deliver really great pricing to our clients. Obviously we will still have market MEKA relationships over time will disclose wish exchanges. We continue to work with in case you missed it. Be Sure to listen to the UNCHAINED interview with Tagami next headline Libra renames itself. To Novi facebook's Kalima has a new name Novi head of Novi. David Marcus tweeted. Novi comes from the combination of two Latin words. Novus equals new and via equals way. Novi will also be interoperable with what's up and Facebook Messenger. Next headline pogue out launches. Its first chain candidate. Polkadot launches what is its first chain candidate for the Pogo Dot may net as founder Gavin would wrote a blog post polka-dot hopes that it is eventually selected as the final polkadot chain. He also explained that. Polka-dot had not actually launched and so it's token is not yet transferable that will happen only toward the end of the launch process and under a governance motion. He also said that the final stage would-be to bring in para chains quote once the various security logic is in place and has been audited..

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