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Lot of people in their twenties. WHO Party a lot? And so we sort of We were in denial for too long. And then it got to the point where it was was clear. This was a complex multi substance addiction. made worse honestly in many ways. By why the predilection of doctors to prescribe thanks. In all the truth is you can go see a psychiatrist and get prescribed stuff in ten or fifteen in minutes and so she got caught up in the same sort of addiction that so many have gotten caught up in. We spent many years and many tears and many hours trying to help her. And of course in the end Attest to make a decision themselves. You can't do it for them for many years. I couldn't talk about it and I number one because I couldn't get through it but secondly honestly because I think there was a part of me that was ashamed. That was embarrassed. That was Afraid that people would think. Wow what a terrible parent. You must have been a terrible mother mother. Couldn't you have done something. And so at a certain point I decided I I have to be able to speak about this. Because maybe it'll be helpful to someone what else And I think it has been helpful to others and so that has been helpful to us. uh-huh why have spoken to countless parents who have lost their children in the past few years because of the opioid what happened in this country. Who are living through what you felt that? Shame that inability to really talk about it. Because they didn't even know that their child Gal was even using any any substance. What is your message to America because this is the epidemic now but it will be something else later and it it? It hits every socioeconomic level every race every neighborhood It is it is a crisis in this country victory and as someone who has run the company run for president maybe running for something again. We'll talk about that and you know what. What is your message? Edge to America and to those in power at this point about addiction in this country and this epidemic. Well I in terms of move treatment and recovery. I think addiction is the classic case of what I talk about not all the time. which is people closest to the problem? Know best how to solve it. The best counselors are people who have overcome addiction themselves. How's the best programs are those that are grounded in a local community so that someone who gets through recovery actually has a community unity to return to part of what has to happen so many of the fixes are local? And it's why from from a policy point of view I think more money needs to flow locally. There are some things the federal government can do hippo laws. Get in the way. Honestly I mean hip. Allies were designed to protect people's privacy but the impact they actually have sometimes too often is to isolate someone from everyone. WHO's trying to help them? Um I can remember desperately trying to find doctors. Our daughter was going but I can't and when we finally found someone and they said I can't tell you anything they at least had the heart to say I can listen to you but I can't tell you anything. And so part. Part of what happens with addicts. Is they get isolated and they get they spend all their time with people like them and they're divorced from those was who can help them and it is an enormous waste of potential and I am delighted that the state's attorneys-general general are suing these drug companies. Because there's no question that just as the cigarette companies knew that cigarettes were addictive. The drug companies knew with these drugs were addictive and they did not level with people and they were over prescribed and the medical community is complicit as well you grew up with a fear of death. Yes isn't that child and you've gotten over it. You told a reporter for the National Review. I believe it was that when you're running for president you said I'm not afraid of anything anymore. So there's a lot of progress. Why were you scared to die? When I don't know I ah in thinking about it as an adult? I think it must have been because I knew that my father's father had died when he was Zhang and that my mother's mother had died when she was young and so there was this sense of sudden sure traumatic loss that suffused the Family Lor and so i. My fear was my parents are going to die suddenly and then my I'm going to die suddenly must be why so. How did you go from being afraid? Afraid of dying young too as a candidate for president being able to say. I'm not afraid of anything anymore. Really nothing nothing. Nothing scares Carly Fiorina practice. Honestly what I mean by practice is practice in overcoming fears. Everything I feared in my life has happened to me not dying but I feared my mother would go unexpectedly and I. I wouldn't be able to reach her and speak to her time it happened. I fear getting cancer. I feared child dying. I feared bad headlines. Everything I've been afraid of in my my life. I feared the Strip club. I feared looking like a fool. I feared all these things. Some of those fears were profound. Some of them were silly but the point is every the time I got through one of them. Yeah I was less afraid and so- practice makes perfect when it comes to learn courage and becoming fearless. Okay so you brought up the Strip club which obviously going to bring up for those. Who Haven't read your book yet? This is the moment. Meant when you're working your way up the corporate ladder and this is where you argue. Name your fear so who took you do the Strip club and why. Why did it eventually help you? Well first of all I wasn't working my way up the corporate ladder. Being far too general you know I was at the bottom of the corporate ladder and I had no notion Russian of working my way up the corporate ladder. This was my first job outside of the secretarial pool and finally getting an MBA. I mean I was a nobody I had honestly. My prayer prayer at the end of each day was please let me keep my job. I thought I was GONNA get fired every day because I didn't know what I was doing so I wasn't working my way up but my colleague colleague who I had been paired with and you can imagine he was not thrilled with this. Who is this young woman? She doesn't she. You can't teach me anything or bring any value. And he kind of wanted to scare me out of my job and so he did honestly what he always did. He always went to a strip club. Love for lunch with these particular clients. That's what they did and they thought why should I change it for her. So he said we're going to the Strip club you can't come. Sorry you're not GonNa meet the clients. I was scared really scared. I was scared of looking stupid which I did. I was scared of going into a screwed. Could've club I never been in such a situation but the more I thought about it what I realized I was even more afraid of is not being given the chance to do my job trying to scare me out of doing my job and so I decided I gotta show up. I gotTA show up and you know you've heard the old saying life showing up optus half the battle. It actually is half hour more argue. It's more so I showed up and once I showed up it wasn't as terrifying as I thought and the young women were very kind to me and everything in the office changed because people decided I had a little more guts than they realized and they decided he was kind of a classless guy for putting me in the situation in the first place again courage you went when when have you been most courageous in your life. And what have you been leased courageous. I don't know the thing. I The reason I'm hesitating over that question is I do think I am least courageous. When I don't stop and think about it I think courage takes reflection? It takes introspection and so if I react in the moment to something I am not likely to be my best if I take the time to think.

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