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Mike really good shape there's a lot of controversy but you know things are happening great for this guy the economy the markets shoring up ties in with was strong leadership over dean that leadership in china warning north korea getting that wall done tax reform in the offing it's got to happen and it may not happen just the way we want it but it's going to happen we're going to have the votes tallied reform we've had in decades they're good things that continue to happen and yet the left and the and the device of once are just up about the type of their leica elect the sound of that you know jackhammers background and they won't stop and they can't even admit when they made aas of themselves that montage that audio that berries never going to be president ha laughing mocking there they may be of them shelves while they're not apparently sophisticated enough for smart enough to know it when you say gosh i'm embarrassed i i share it gene didn't here's apologized for being so wrong about the election a year ago hey how five five mike chris you're on the mike gallagher yaohan good area here thanks brigitte your call uh a our order talked about all these posed saturday night live all these all all these celebrities i i stopped watching them quite frankly uh not because they think that donald trump being a great first but these celebrities they go either way stopped hey they watch the world elevate sewers yeah they wanna complain about hey at all they do is hate descartes victim and if you're not entertain any more no i mean this is pumped what it's not it's it's too you get ten she get kinda aggravated i mean again this is this is millions of people viewed on nbc the irony of her remarks this never trump bush republican nicole wallis emphatic five female ran a day donald trump blame him for private eric conquer a garden party fans of his divisive politics burying the danube candidate for governor edgar left skunk stench divisive that's that those are the way she describes the president to choose complaining about and a they don't even recognize the irony sixteen minutes before the hour speaker of the nwpp race relations in america feel a makhalira has presented a play called ferguson which is.

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