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Kfi am 640 more stimulating talk now you gotta be aware aware wearable of a man the hair i'ma give me a shot make the bodo away looming rafferty just wrapping away they afari handle here on a thursday all right i'm gonna i'm gonna play for you a sound keiper and what you're about to listen to is say bit of sound from minister gloria copeland who has uh the church and i think it's called the eagle mountain international church and this is part of a video part of a sermon that she gives on a regular basis let's listen well listen partner wait i'll have a flu things when ghana abduc season led their thinks that by wait i'll have a flu season and outrace save it when somebody threatens you with everybody is getting the flu we've already had our shot kheibar are sicknesses and carried are diseases yeah i he by the way uh is he already bore guess who he is incidentally i it's kind of interesting because didn't he didn't he is the part of the crowd the created ducks so got he bore or ducks so we really don't have a duck season because i think there are some logic to that uh here's another one for mind you off of.

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