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So let me ask you this. How did you feel about yes? Reemerging in the has more bank rather than what they've done to this sort of thing this progression none of what did you do. So I think this is. A great album doesn't matter it's by bandits called yes. How did you feel going from that? Went from one thing to another thing. And you mentioned genesis and you had a favor period attendances but very favorite period of genesis although I continue to enjoy genesis until they got a little too poppy for me by the mid eighties but part of that Duke and then there were three. I was still fans of that if they begin to change a little bit. I think Abba Cap was the last one that I kind of said. Oh yeah they're really good but with yes. You know. It's funny. I did see the drama tour with Trevor Horn and Geoff towns from the bottles right. I actually enjoyed that. It was in the round. That is kind of sacrilege. If you'RE A yes. That's the album that you're supposed to not like Trevor Raven coming in and revitalizing them putting them in to the Music scene of that Mid Eighties. I thought was great. I didn't care it Keeping these guys active and out there you know they were still amazing musicians across the board. I even saw Anderson and Wakeman in how without Chris Choir. I the One and only time. In fact I saw interesting Grouper Wakeman. And how after Tony Levin had gotten ill and jeopardy? Lynn had to step in and replace him for a few nights and was up there with charts plane yes music. I wasn't a huge jazz or classical fan at the time and didn't realize that this is a normal thing to me. I was just like long away that. Oh my God. This guy's up there. I play yes. Music with jarred at the May each has learned this yesterday. Kind of back to yes songs. It's an album which I haven't heard in a while that it was absolutely really really loved to you think that the chops were enough that this is an avenue live album or are they stories about this. Having a Lotta Verba which was a common seventy practice. Sure it was a common seventies practice. I'm sure some of this was done but my understanding is that Eddie Offord. Who was the producer on? This and the engineer was their lives. Mixer on tour kept this pretty close and let's face it. If anybody could pull this off these musicians could I mean there? That fucking good. You know. I'm not sure they needed a lot of over dobbs compared to some of the others which was common at the time and I don't believe that that was really done a lot. I mean it is done with all about six different dates so it is spread out a little bit more than some live albums I think but I think they were able to capture themselves in the moment just because they're that good of course I mean there are a lot of musicians who he thinks that immortals don't and you think what's your problem with that that sounds terrific. Oh no no no no. Because for a fraction of a millisecond was supposed to play triplet. No didn't yeah. There's a bit of improvisation but not terribly a whole lot in there. They're still pretty much keeping with the songs if anything it's even more powerful than what you get off the record. My favorite yes aren't of all. Time is heart of the sunrise.

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