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The to handwrite. But it's mainly alec baldwin's movie. I used to like alibaba. You still does so and suffer. Well that's true. But i can separate you ever saw. Were framing john delorean. Did you know hard hard to separate the man from his work when he's acting in a movie but it's a documentary real. He's he is to be john delorean. But he's directing the director throughout. This is a great moment. Get this get close on. This watch is going to do here. Going to look the watch and of remind me of something get this get. This could be great moment. Fucking alec all right. Did you know that the big bounce the two thousand four movie and there is a two thousand movie called bounce. Oh did you know that the guy that directed paltrow larry the guy that directed the incident. He made a tea directed. Seven episodes of tv series in nineteen seventy five which i believe was fifteen episodes long really and it was called the ghost space busters so it wasn't ghostbusters buster. It was the ghost busters and it was about these two fools and their pet ape who chase spooks around. I'm so fucking glad you brought that up. Because do you remember. This was my childhood because there were two competing ghostbusters cartoons like saturday. Morning cartoons. Real goes one of which was peter. Mcminn and race dance. And and egon spangler and the other was these two fucking morons and narrow ape. What the fuck is this. It was always like the bogus came. I put that was like dow was seventy five and the guy that directed the incident. Wow larry spare tom man come. Here's piers thank you right. Yeah yeah he that's in his imdb. It's real easy as the ghostbuster. Thank you for bringing that full circle for me. I would have lived my entire life without knowing where why the fuck. There were two competing ghostbusters. The jar of spaghetti seen in miami blues. I linked to the actual clip which is on youtube by in the show notes. If you're on the old patriot number two for mitch. This is where. I had a crossover and this is from bully. Which was my number one for most of the week. I'm like how am. I gonna not have bully as like my number all bullies. What my idea of. Florida is which is dangerous. Scary a bunch of these kids today. It's and his seen directed. By larry clark and the scene that mitch goes with his nature. The nature suck seen. Don't want to give too much away. But it involves a body and crabs on that body that are eating the dead body. I think only everglades correctively. Why was this. The one where everyone's stupid get bullied bullies. Like one of brad renfro and i remember the movie. I'm trying to remember the classic. It's a top-five idiots or something and like everyone on bully on my list. This is not in harmony korean movie. But i think of it as the same universe. 'cause the two of them larry clark and harmony corinthians working on kids they both been doing versions very different versions of that so i quit at the beach. Bomb bully. Okay and then the one that i chose which was Spring breakers but all three of those movies in my mind kind of in the same universe like the marvel universe but harmony. Clark universe which. I heard they're making a land Four at in harmony clark land. It's going to be like they have like one of the rides as you. Just go up and then you get flung into a underage girls through. Oh that's cool. I'm excited to get out. Get out of there before the dad enough to go in there right. I just thought of that. Right of the fly. I like it. We did top-five dumb characters in log into an under age girls room and she sleeps and then you have to escape that room before the dad comes in with your knife i understand. That's the larry clark. Harmony stupi harmony. Korean land go. I gotta get any while. We're almost done where we number one for me. Nature sucks out. The mine could have been in any order. Number one however is very florida. Senior takes place on an iconic bridge in florida. Where the seven mile bridge anderson the seven mile bridge seen in true lies. Nineteen ninety-four director. James cameron true lies. Seven mile bridge. Anderson is in the florida keys. I've actually driven over the seven mile bridge. It is connects. All the florida keys cues are a series of smog as macaroni goes. Hey did you clock. Did you make sure that they're being honest with seven miles. Because i would i would. I would bet that it's not quite a miles that's interesting. I was also backseat of of the rental car. Riding bitch like you always. I was actually out a window seat. Jews back then. I called back seat. Honk brian anderson. You're familiar at the scene. Of course the marines ridge trying to escape. Everyone's seen this scene. The scene anderson was so convincing that the florida sun-sentinel actually ran an actual headline. That said quote. Don't worry seven mile red remains in town they actually blew up miniatures for the onscreen demolition. Giovanni came through get that. Yeah just a few minutes ago. The judge night you. Oh you already looked at it cheating. Fiber reviewed all the emails. And i realize that. I saw this and much of my research and it is not not on my list. Number one for me brian. I'm gonna play the clip. Even though i don't really have time to do so and i'm really flirting with disaster here because if you leave your kid at summer camp and a minute over they they'll make you pay. They'll make you pay so i'm gonna have to split here real soon. We're almost here. we go here. We go.

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