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Colorado's morning news. Former neighbors are in shock after a Denver woman's arrest in the death of her young child. Alicia panky is being held on two hundred fifty thousand dollars bond after the body of her seven-year-old son was found in a local storage in just before Christmas, former landlord Tina writes says she wants Justice for the child was asleep. He played his very, quiet. He play outside of this toys. He talked. Him. He would talk to you give him something. He would be like Tina panky turned herself in on Wednesday. And so far police say the boy may have been dead inside the storage unit for months emotions hearing is scheduled for today in the case of a missing and presumed dead woodland park, mother KOA NewsRadio. Joining us live with the latest on this story. Connor. Motion to seal the probable cause affadavit from Patrick crazy for one week will be decided on by a judge today. That's one of two motions filed by the prosecution that's going to be discussed in court today beginning at one thirty this afternoon. Patrick phrase's going to enter his plea later this month, keep in mind. This comes one day after the court decided to delay the decision about custody of the one year old daughter phrase's shared with Kelsey Barrett. They decided to do that. Until this criminal case is resolved. Reporting live, Connor schrief KOA NewsRadio on Capitol Hill. Democrats House Democrats approving two bills yesterday in hopes of ending the government shutdown. However, neither will come up for a Senate vote because of the lack of funding for the border wall. Congressional leaders expected to sit down with President Trump a little later on today. Tension will be on that eleven AM meeting this morning at the White House between the president and congressional leaders. This is one that the president asked for what will come from it. Nobody really knows at this point both. Sides really flex their muscles yesterday and really reiterated there's little room for negotiation. Meanwhile, Democrats are outlining their priorities in the house, including protecting the rubber mother investigation in ObamaCare that is ABC Zachary yesterday at a surprise White House briefing room appearance, the president touted his plan border wall barrier, you can call it whatever you want. But essentially, we need protection in our country. We're gonna make it good. The people of our country wanted a quarter of the federal government has been shut down for two weeks. Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, pushing for fellow lawmakers to make a deal to get things back up and running without a deal for a border wall. Colorado lawmakers going to get back to work today as the twenty nine thousand nine th session of the state legislature gets underway state capital. We'll get a new look Democrats control both chambers following November's election. Some of the priorities expected to be on the table include funding for full day kindergarten making Colorado more affordable and whether to legalize sports betting this year session runs until. Early may at the state capital. Chad Hoffman KOA NewsRadio governor Hickenlooper, creating a new commission commemorating a century since the passage of the nineteenth amendment. Giving women the right to vote. Lieutenant governor Donna Lynn is a member of the women's vote centennial commission. It says the country has come a long way in that. Last century Americans elected a record number of women in two thousand eighteen has senators governors and members of congress Colorado granted women voting rights in eighteen ninety three twenty seven years before the final adoption of the nineteenth amendment. The Winterpark express is going to make its first trip to the ski of the ski season today. The trains shuttling skiers and.

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