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Guys. Spencer's always turn a man's spleen podcast. But i know a lot random. Even if i've done here i'm listening to these that when it's me that she saw your thumb okay first question. Are you a believer in the paranormal wire. Why not no judgment. And though. I think that i even threats and ed presence but i think that you could be someone that believes in that to weren't at happening to you so maybe if you're not believe panel recessed definitely just but if you are open to that kind of thing then you buy. Maybe things like spirits or presences Coming into lie answer. We're not judging you on your answer. Trust me this is just for fun but it was a good answer. What do karen o'leary having common with. Officer karen o'leary and what your biggest differences. We have the same voice. We look the We've got the same issue And the differences. Rebbe that i would hope that on a little bit funny and here and like like in the shade. She's pretty straight laced. And you know that draws being signed. Sometimes i'm like coming to you chief. Fuck up but Dimly speaking we're we're not we're not that different but I think on dingle for a good time. Then she is. She's more for sensible on good to know for when i come visit new zealand yet. Visit me it'd be way more fun so that sounds like a time right. Do you like scary movies. And if so. What is your favorite scary movie. I do and show. We got watch having studied screens. And she feels like in two years ago and like her and then the fleming field a bit ago to be polite and ended up going and thinking these are really funny actually annoy. She's scared her horrific actually ready funny but also a scary. So i guess my favorite are remember being terrorized by physical. The michael jackson thriller video. That was the first thing. I had not missed for month about it. And then Pretty kroger and not renounce straight with my other on isn't even got us to that was how bonded at age eight because we both were the only eight year olds and third grade. Who knew who. Freddie krueger was. It wasn't the best. Youth cost home in the review mirror back then. I used to go judy. Just like this coup. Judy pretty creative but those skied even be wary next question. I don't want to offend you but queenstown new zealand is actually my favorite city in the world. I apologize. I apologize but also known as the adventure capital of the world have you ever partaken and any adventure is like bungee jumping hang gliding or jet boating or do you like to keep two feet on the ground at all times in quainton ever anywhere. I mean they do bungee jumping in auckland and out from typo down a massive revising and sopa. I scott i from going down just not long ago actually Weapons depot in Quainton end and rotorua and all the other ones that i should hang gliding. Yeah i've done that. But i'll do it if you want eleven because i've done all of those except hang gliding as well so was going to hang together. It'd be great am sorted logan logan. Can you give me the of your mom's computer to run out on. This'll be terrible tiger. Thank you so that's okay. Well we'll wait until the charter gets there. Just in case.

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