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Why did you choose what you chose. And what is it that you're trying to do with the show well. I'll answer your your second question first and thanks for having me on appreciate it back. Story is an attempt to go back at a great pass sports scandal sports controversy delve into the backstory and tell people something they don't know about it. It's a very ambitious goal. We set ourselves. We have five episodes in the first season but but it's sort of a combination of thirty thirty storytelling with a sort of cold case where i go on a journalism journey and tried to tell you something that you didn't didn't know or at least bring fresh perspective fresh insight to scandal that you think you already know everything about and the first episode sunday is <hes> serena versus the umpire. We're going back to last year u._s. Open women's final when serena was going to tie the all time record for singles wins <hes> by margaret court of twenty four it was supposed to be a coronation for serena as we all remember <hes>. It turned out to be <music>. <hes> these multiple clashes with the chair umpire by serena charon named carlos ramos what happened on the court overshadowed nio miyasaka <hes> the twenty year old <hes> woman from japan who won her first grand slam and you literally had a champion crying at the trophy ceremony ramani and how that happened it really was the ugliest finish in grand slam history and why that happened and what led up to it what was going on on the court and then the aftermath is what we delve elven to during the hour that people will i see on sunday afternoon. How did it happen well. There was a lot of reasons for its do. You're going to have to tune in. I wanna give to when he's spoilers away but you know the question is who is most at fault for what happened and that's and that question divided friends at divided families. <hes> what we discovered serena williams <hes> obviously played a huge role in that and refusing to admit there was a clear coaching violation that first code coaching violation when serena under repeatedly said i don't cheat <hes> and we we actually slow that down almost so pruder film like and show you exactly what happened with a split screen and when the coaching signal was given by her coach patrick neurotic lou who we interview on camera i went to wimbledon to interview them and where serena's looking and then actually what carlos romo's the chair umpire believe he saw as well we reveal that <hes> for the first time which i think played a huge role in what happened but there was a lot of blame go around blame for serena blamed for carlos ramos the chair umpire when when share on pires do their jobs well. They're invisible <hes> he was certainly not invisible that a day and he let the code he left the match. Get out of hand and then and then the rules of tennis we also look at very carefully to because the rules of tennis arcane or confusing and so we go into <hes> a lot of detail about the rules of tennis as well. There's a lot of blame to go around for what happens sunday a._b._c. one p._m. Eastern.

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