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Twentieth. Anniversary of the Columbine high school shooting on April twentieth. Nineteen ninety nine to students at the school outside of Denver went on a shooting rampage killing twelve students and a teacher another twenty one people were wounded before the teen gunman killed themselves in the library at the time. It was the deadliest school shooting in US history. President Trump is blasting the media and the mole report today in a series of morning tweets. The president said the special counsel's report was written quote as nastily as possible by angry Democrats who were true trumpeters, including the highly conflicted. Bob Muller in a speech and Charlottesville Virginia next week. It will reportedly be the beginning of former vice president Joe Biden's entry into the twenty twenty presidential race. The Philadelphia Inquirer is citing sources familiar with Biden's preliminary plans by was President Barack Obama's VP for eight years. He chose not to seek. The presidency in two thousand sixteen after the death of his son Bo Biden lost a long battle with brain cancer in twenty fifteen well, Joe, Biden has strong name recognition. His team has reportedly been lagging in the logistics fundraising in the digital age. The measles continues to spread and California and doctors are warning of an even bigger outbreak nationwide. Dr David Michelin warns the problem will get worse before it gets any better. We're going to expect to see the number of measles cases. Go up to record numbers in this calendar year and health care providers and health officials are going to be dealing with this virus for years to come. Dr Michelin advises parents to make sure their kids get measles shots. Hang is. I'm sierra. I'm Russell Wilson. Join us in support of the national prescription drug take.

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