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I've got sixteen matches. let's Let's start with your card and tell us how many matches you got. I've got fourteen. But i can i. I know what i can do for my fifteen and sixteen so The male rumble or the mail battle. Royal winter the Andre the giant memorial cup. I didn't have broad struggling anywhere on my card. So i'm have broad win that And i'm having nyah when the women's division 'cause i think he's coming back right around Royal rumble time. And then you're she should be good to go. Wrestlemainia seasons alive nyah. When the women's battle royal keep ago. My friend i liked it all right so then i have a randy orton vs ricochet i have n- italia in charlotte teaming up. They got us. Oscar and kyrie same for the women's tag team title Triple h versus baron corbin King versus king tight link that i like that Seth rollins versus alastair black basically. Because they're both been had the last name black at some point in their careers King of kings battle in a battle for the last name black and then booker t. Who is he facing the letter t Mr t. makes us try for returned. Wrestlemainia thanks his mother afterwards. All right awesome but for the nfc championship. I had called to moscow ciampa The smackdown women s championship bali versus alexa bliss of the raw women's championship. Becky shayna baszler The smackdown tag titles. New date against ziglar embody rude the raw tag team. Titles the viking raiders versus the authors of pain Intercon title shinsuke nakamura versus daniel bryan. Us title. I have no idea what the husband to be. I don't know. I i write have ramos stereo career versus dominic. So i have no i have. Aj styles wrestling the undertaker. Wow that'd be one those matches that you take the ring him not do a whole lot. Aj carry the magic still. Get a good match out of it. for the universal title brock. Leser defending against the owens and then this is the match. I did not want to put on the car. Because i really wanted to put braun strowman spot for the versatile i have the fiend defending against roman reigns. I really wanna see the phoenix braun. Strowman but. I don't think they're going to do that. I think they're put roman reigns in that spot again. Maybe have him his romi congress. Everybody except broccoli. So roman versus the fiend. While it's very interesting. Let's get to my wrestlemainia. Thirty six card. Predictions i've lee evans winning the wrestlemainia women's battle royal i've alison black winning the andre the giant memorial battle royal either kabuki warriors defending the deputy women's tag team championship against alexa bliss. Nikki cross of the ao p defended the raw tag team championship against the. Oh see i have the new day..

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