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Satan needs to work with the private sector to get more homes built. It's now four 47. Washington has an official state bird, the willow goldfinch, an official state fish, the steelhead trout. Now as a Marina rocking chair explains, there could be a new state animal you'd have to travel back in time to actually see. 80 million years or so in the making, a dinosaur could become the next state animal. It's all thanks to a group of kids from elmhurst elementary and Parkland, who four years ago with the guidance of their teacher Amy Cole, started the push for the sushi saurus Rex to be the Washington state official dinosaur. Miss Cole had been teaching the kids about government, and she says there was a bit in their textbook about students in Massachusetts, successfully making the ladybug their state insect. So, as she testifies in front of the state government and tribal relations committee, she quickly saw the excitement in her fourth graders. I saw those wheels start turning. And I ran with it. I love dinosaurs. I have dinosaur stuff all over my classroom where I am speaking to you from right now. And so my students decided that maybe we could have a state dinosaur. In their digging, the kids discovered in 2012, researchers for the Burke museum in Seattle found a piece of dinosaur bone at sushi island state park in the San juans. This led to naming the dinosaur, sushi saurus Rex, the now 8th graders after countless letters to legislators, have a prime sponsor of House Bill ten 20 on their side, representative Melanie Morgan of Parkland. Some may scoff at this bill and think it's a silly Bill. But I believe that this bill holds a greater significance. Are youth are engaging with our state legislature. This is our formal recognition and appreciation for the hard work preparation, creativity

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