Hatton, India, Rape discussed on Global News Podcast - Indian Guru Gets 20 years in Prison


This is the bbc complete range of programmes bbc world service dot com slash welcome to the latest global news recorded that's thirteen hours gmt on monday the twenty eight th of august i'm steely hat hatton with the selection of highlights from a cross bbc world service news today a guru with a feverish following in northern india is sentenced to twenty years in prison for rape the security forces are on alert for violence the f week quick dirty and free trade agreement implement the latest on the rescue effort in the us city that's receiving a years worth of rain in a single week thousands there are desperately trying to save their homes and five suspects have appeared in the south african court in the latest in a grisly trial involving cannibalism ban carrying a suspect is now being driven out then now being taken to listen also in the podcast one of asia's richest men says he is conducting business as usual one jin lien is vigorously denying rumors he was detained by chinese police how the extreme climate of lapland is providing unique culinary opportunities farrighters on making new t fondue growing number tree servier lotto on doak sedans much more than in blueberries and enjoy a glass of per succo this summer time to reach for the toothbrush the booming bubbly has got dentists fizzing view super all day you get all the items that would cause decay wait an hour so let the number remember laws brush your teeth them too large states in northern india or on high alert after a controversial guru gurmeet ram rahim sing was sentenced to twenty years in prison for rape.

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