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The time now is two O 8. I've been good weather all in the gates and when it breaks, 24/7. Good morning to Ian proffer to the WTO traffic center. Well, their dino settling down very nicely just a few works on to step around. We start in Virginia outbound or westbound on 66, coming out of the roslin tunnel are getting through the roslin tunnel. You're going to find the right lane getting by there. But again, with very little or no delay, thanks to no volume on the roadway. Outside the beltway west batters near one 23 and again you're 29 Centreville and yet again near sudley road all over to the left of the single file for a brief point and then pass that you are good as you make your way toward Gainesville. The ride from haymarket is quiet, no issues pending and no work so and so far eastbound all the way to the roslyn tunnel and onto the Roosevelt bridge. On the dulles connector of the eastbound ramp to the inner loop of the beltway blocked by overnight work, outer loop of the beltway after the GW Parkway two left lanes getting by the overnight work inbound, inner loop, I should say, near I 66, it was a right lane to get by that part of the work, very little if any delay doing it. On the rest of the capitol bellway, it is good, the Maryland bellway is remarkably quiet. Please, by all means, keep it that way between Bethesda and oxen hill, 95, no reported delays between the beltways, BW Parkway one fly in the ointment now. It is only northbound after one 97, the guardrail work blocking the left side, two 70 on eventful between Frederick and the lane divide, no issues coming out of southern Maryland this morning on three O one, as you pass through the play to end Waldorf up to brandywine, route four is okay all the way up to a Marlboro. And in the district, the earlier crash we had D.C. two 95 northbound is gone. Looking for a new car, but wait is over. It fits Gerald automobile has hundreds of new and used cars to choose from, visit fits ball dot com transparency you can trust Ian Crawford WTO traffic. We've got rain on the radar storm team four and weather alert as The Rain is moving in with the cold as well. So not only will you need the umbrellas, you'll need the coats too, as we make our way through the afternoon. We'll see a little bit of a reprieve from The Rain, just some showers during the afternoon, but then heavier rain

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