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The interviews you know fred rogers wife have kids is a tv crew has co stars and just kind of you know we just kind of covers the cultural impact that the show had and just kind want an anomaly he was as a person and there's the question comes up a lot of like was he really likes this is there another side to him we don't really know about and by the end of the movie you know you you come away with it with a very satisfactory answer at least i did and you know this is the movie that i i think fred rogers got the the life itself treatment that roger ebert got a few years ago i think this movie is you know just a a really wonderful look at an individual who had a really great you know in profound impact on a lot of people the movie also covers sort of you know the the the another narrative that the other side you know that that i think of the fox news tried to get going about or did he really create a generation of entitled kids by telling them all that they're special and and sort of you know doing moving does a good job of you know giving a rebuttal to that so i think this is the as as good a documentary as we could've hoped to get on this person who had a documentary coming over a long time i think and i'm happy to report that this is a really terrific solid documentary that i think you know we kind of need right now.

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