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President Vladimir Putin a success, saying he accomplished what he set out to do, he says that includes bringing a possible retaliation of Russia is involved in cyber attacks like those carried out on colonial pipeline and JBs Foods, whether I stopped it from happening again. He knows I will take action like we did went this last time out. In a separate news conference, President Putin called the meeting constructive. There was this candid And open conversation, and there were no personal or diplomatic deviations from the topics we set out to Address when pressed by reporters about the fate of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. President Putin deflected bringing up the attack on the U. S. Capitol. The Justice Department is dropping its trump era civil lawsuit against former national security advisor John Bolton over the publication of his book. This Is ABC News. India has reopened its iconic Taj Mahal and several other monuments as the number of new covid 19 cases in the country continues to drop a preliminary report on the collapse of a Mexico City elevated subway train that killed 26 people back in May, but most of the blame on poor welds on the steel support beams. Russian national convicted of charges stemming from a spamming operation as Russian President Putin was in Geneva denying his country's culpability for cyber attacks, the Justice Department announced a federal grand jury in Connecticut convicted all cause skin on charges he helped hackers evade the nation's cyber defenses. Cash skin had been arrested in 2019 in California during what he thought would be a month long stay to learn English. Instead, he was prosecuted for designing and operating a tool that helped conceal malware used to infect at least 50. 1000 computers around the world. Calfskin faces up to 15 years in prison when he sentenced in September. Erin Khutor Ski ABC News New York I'm Mark Remillard, ABC News I'm CBS News business analyst Jill Schlessinger.

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