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I had all sorts of encounters with their. That was during a time. When i was making examinations so i'd mark in the morning and then i'd be on the phone to women around the country in the afternoon. Hearing these wonderful stories. I five hundred words dave. Let me sandra for that. I was able to find a trace of been you not a score mentioned in who works and there is in the hollowed out pace of limestone that you say there which is where the children used to wait to be admitted to the public and dunedin essay audience members recognized it. It's it's marketplace so she has students and raise money for swimming pool so they don't have to make that epic trick makeup stewart straight to the school and it was also a chance to draw attention to that's commemorated women installation with a poem by our hyper local part. Pete roads. Thank you peter. Who's the focus of rogers teased. It's also an example of a writer of genre fiction who is rather unfairly by the luxury establishment. It's sad story. Or due to lack of supervision of a young and tune fresh and hot with the ideology of modernism. Who wrote that. These were terrible stories that were latest and completely denied. The validity of the young woman's loved experience. I don't think we'd put up with an metoo era. I'm running out of time and we need to. We need to move on. Perhaps some villagers say up in the hips hips. They will end on your out. Just the last one is the slide here. An example of luxury ephemera that we are commemorating in the app. This is the switchboard at university bookstore. Upstairs with the landfall office used to be. And that's child brushes name and chalk and charles brushes handwriting. Now has gone already since. I took that photograph at the end of last year because the students association remodeling that boating and putting apartments and the but i love that we captured it for for the app stopping. Now places.

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