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I will back Premier League is also back this weekend. The big match. We mentioned it earlier. Chelsea hosts Manchester United because that's the biggie. What do you guys think is going to happen. Waddles. Nothing to. There's. There's nothing more that you can expect the wobbles on United's part had this at this juncture hazard verses, whoever the hell you guys are riding out on the right side is a really scary proposition. Yeah. Hopefully we'll see the Portuguese. Oh, what's his name? Go, yeah, the low. He's played like what? Two games? The tenant he played well and then just well, he well, he played one. You played that one champions fixture against young boys was good, and then. That's of the entire season tech. Yeah. I guess it was against young boys. Yeah. It was against young boys. Exactly. And there was that one highlight of him kind of misplacing a touch, but then recovering it on a on a sprint. And then you know, white whipping ball until the box and everybody just like, whoa masterclass, not really. But at the same time, I'd like would like to see. More of him? Yes. Before we record. Again, United are going to be welcoming. Cristiano Renaldo back to Old Trafford excited about that. Michael. That's going to be a good one. You know that like maybe a couple of like baby of a couple of months ago that might have been an interesting prospect now I'm just filled with existential dread about it. Nothing about nothing about that. Entire situation is going to be anything of the complicated. Is that because of the state of United is that because of stays around Rinaldi state of Rinaldo state of Rinaldo the state of United State of the world. A lot of existential dread everywhere. It's the wizard of loneliness over here. The rest of the, it's kind of a nothing burger week of matches. Besides that, Chelsea United clash. We have borne with in Southampton Cardiff against Fulham. I'm interested in Cardiff versus fall for what reason. Because I think foam like plays the style where they try to possess the ball ton. And as we saw against arsenal, they just get punted into the sun by more talented teams, but fear in theory, they should be able to dominate Cardiff, and that's kind of the equation of foam staying up and that they should be able to beat a lot of the bottom of the league team. So I think if you must win for them, if you see foam struggle against Cardiff, it's is not a good sign. I think Lester arsenal should be fun. Those games usually. Good. Yeah, that's on a Monday. Actually. How do you feel about Liverpool traveling to Huddersfield town with limping, limping. Lim, limping Huddersfield town. I'm not worried about it. Huntersville fields, terrible. It's my main take on that. West Ham Spurs is a London derby, West Ham's looked a little better recently since they, I wish they didn't lose to Brighton because they were looking so good and and then they just they played bad. They've somehow the midfield of Declan rice, Pedro obeying, and Mark noble has sort of steadied the ship there. I don't really know what that means, but don't sleep one more noble more nobles. Good. You know, who's good fleet by Anderson. These very good. I love that guy. He's very good. He's definitely not long for west hand are none of it just played really well again, actually shut up only also. He also scored in the international break for Austria, which wolves your they in be league. One of them wolves. What for anyone? That's the seventh place team against the ninth place team. So it's an above. Mid-table clash could be interesting, but they're book both kind of making their bills on being good defensive teams. So could also be super boring, but I made the possibility of Adama try Oray. Getting getting to the seventy third better than destroying somebody's legs. Pep versus English as Sean dash man city versus Burnley. I mean games are always fast because it's the exact opposite teams playing each other. And it seems like there's the danger of at least one city player breaking his leg. You know the, you're likely that learn something about the ways in which man cities attack and be. I don't know mitigated shore, but I you fully expect to win that they did draw. The second came last year so that there's that true. All right guys. So that's the Premier League weekend ahead. And finally, we come to an announcement about the show a very sad one..

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