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But I will tell you this. If Greg Russo looks like he did in training camp and preseason, I don't want them rotated Greg Russo on the field as much as possible sale. I look at the other side Pittsburgh We were talking a little bit about the game plan. We saw Dallas run on Thursday night, where they decided to basically go after the only weakness. I think if you look at Tampa Bay's defense, then Sean Murphy bunting getting injured, they challenge their depth right away at corner. I said this, Jeremy. I know Joe Hayden. He is on the last 18 19 games of his career. There's not a ton left in the tank for Joe Haden. Who is behind him like they got rid of Steven Nelson. They got rid of their other Mike Hilton, like they don't have at least my knowledge, a group of corners that I believe can keep up with this group of bills receivers, especially if they're going to be rotating them in and out there going to be fresh throughout this game and the different packages that Brian Tables give me right if they get for receiver sets out there today. That. I mean, that is advantage bills all day. So would you like me to tell you who's listed on their depth chart behind us? This would be this would be an enlightening experience for me, and I think many listeners and viewers on stream yard Okay, so they have Justin Lane cornerback. Do you know much about Justin Lane? No, I know that that sounds like a name. That's real, all right, And they also have on the opposite side. James Pierre like these are the backups to starter Cameron Sutton and starter Joe Hayden. All right, um, in the secondary, look, make a Fitzpatrick is awesome. All pro natural Adams. Obviously we know who he is, but you know who's behind them at safety, A rookie a rookie named Let me get his first name here. Make sure Trey Norwood trainer was a rookie safety. So They? They have some questions some questions at depth in the secondary and I agree with you. I don't think Joe Haden is quite the level of player he was when he was going to Pro Bowls. He's is he lost that team. Supposing, number one is that well? Well, the heat Their defensive, according to Butler was asked about that this week and he said, I'm not going to tell you what we're going to do, but we will have a plan for Stefan Diggs. They better. I mean, not many teams didn't Yeah, no, That's the thing they did have plans first founded the next wouldn't work out. 80305 50. You can join us. You give us a call and hop on with us at any point here. 1 88 5 52 5 50 have another comment at the Facebook feed. Sell about the run game for the bills. You know, we talk about the Steelers Najee Harris. The Bills run game is Devin Singletary going to showcase? What's different about his body is what everyone has said is different about people. People have a lot to say about the changes he made. And he talked about, you know, in the off season having goals, the team asked him to do some things as trainer. They're watching this film all this like, will we see Singletary? Get off a little bit with that today. I like to point out Brian Devil's schemes up very favorable looks for Singletary and has his entire career so I know the looks Are there at the lion has to do its part, and then from there, it's on the backs. It's something that I think it's not a weakness of the team. It's a place they could Get a little bit more of an edge more from the backs. The Singletary lead the way with that this year. I think initially he does. You know last night we all do these these radio spots around the country. I'm on Sirius NFL radio late last night, And they specifically asked for a fantasy purpose. Question. The same question. Fantasy purposes, Devin Singletary see the guy. My answer to them was the same thing. I'm going to say everybody right now, which is I think Devin Singletary is the lead back. So to speak. Now, I think there's separation. I think Zack Moss lack of availability..

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