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But i wasn't really doing as much as i did when i was in middle school and then and then one day I was in. I think it was in marketing class a senior year. So so this is what maybe three or four years later and they're like everybody has to a movie trailer and so You know like everyone else. Marketing is a kind of a big slack off classic. Nobody really cares. And so everyone's like. Oh i don't know and i was like okay. I'll do it because no one else is gonna fuck so so i do it. We we shoot it. I go home. I take into edit. 'cause i had like real editing software. 'cause you know back in middle school so i take. It edited every other kids thing is trash. And i was the only person who actually showed up with like something that really resemble the movie trailer. And so you know you know. I didn't really care about seventeen. I was disinterested in everything. You know. Depression all this. And so i m i specifically remember. The marketing teacher was like he's like do you view videos like is that what you do. Is that what you wanna do for money. And i looked at my and said. I'll do anything for money and so they're like. Oh you shouldn't say that a you know so that that's what i saw was that but zip you mean they're saying you shouldn't say that but but seriously i will do whatever but us so So you know. I sort of took that and then It just got to a point where you know. It's it's one of those things where Okay every kid is just sort of brainwashed into thinking. Oh will you need to go to college and so on eighteen now. And i'm like okay. I guess i'll do the the media degree like my dad didn't really care like what he's just going to college so so i do that. And that mentality is screwing over so many kids today. At least in america i don't know how korea's by so okay so but yeah not so..

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