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By christopher steal nor did we have any knowledge of the relationship between fusion gps and the democrat arctic national committee perkins coy and the clinton campaign representatives of the free beacon approach the house intelligence committee today and offered to answer what questions we can in their ongoing probe of fusion gps in the steel dough cia but to be clear rights matthew continental the editor in chief we stand by our reporting we do not apologize for our methods we consider it our duty to report verify all information not falsehoods are slander we believe that commitment has been well demonstrated by the quality of the journalism that we produce first amendment guarantees are right to engage in newsgathering as we see fit we intend to continue doing just that is we have since the day we launch this project now through continental editor in chief michael goldfarb term so there you have it curious to know what you think about that let's see here len springfield missouri the great k s g f by the way you notice whole this news the brakes on friday evening's it's incredible lend go right ahead i hope they primary campaign in our upper character they you know that here in the election i had a family member and families crayon that block he is praying on paper record by supported trump and emma what they wouldn't be my friends if they started deblocking you because of the candidate you supported i can't believe that you recorded a womanizer like that and it requires or rarely hear me gene hackman the women and and in went out turkey women that that her we know this story thank you for your call hope michigan the great wjr go i think what we have here information are entering by democrat party your collect money laundering by walking i i i e you run yielding online whoever gave him an organization her you can't praise where he let me ask you this question you now know that a conservative website initiated the opposition research through should fusion gps not just of trump but other candidates it did not involve christopher steal it did not involve the russians it did not involve the dough cia what do you think about all that see my concern is now we're going to be focused on that and the democrats are going to try to use that as a way to get off the.

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