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Gas. And, supporting local communities. Emmanuel hey, it's Rick Lewis Kathy? Lee how you doing man Good how are, you, guys doing good. If you, had a theme song You what would it be do you have something that you might? Want. Us to bring you on with. Every time what pumps you up Tells you a racist offer that's right Forgot dragon put that down theme song you are a. Smooth operator That's pretty good man and. Who doesn't like shot a All right everybody so it's been a good camp it seems like a manual and just the looks of. Things from what we're seeing so far with case keenum it looks. Like this could be. A really big year for you It could, be. I don't wanna get two weeks. I feel like we've still got work to do in day we haven't played a game go so we'll see. How he's doing the game was so forth so good at practice We guys you gotta have. The line does guys It's. A lot of factors that come into play with So you're gonna find out it's live action so excited about going to get somebody else. Besides defense and seeing where we were we stack up so it's it's exciting though to have. Quarterback a veteran quarterback, who had a lot of success you know in college So so far, so good I'm looking, for what you yeah. There's been a lot of. Hype around Cortlandt. Sutton as well a rookie pretty much the entire camp and if he turns out to be the. Real deal that also opens up thanks for you in Mary's who who who you're gonna guard. Who you're gonna lockdown Yeah Bronco fan should be excited. By I, mean if if He makes it plays he's been. Vacant at practice and I don't see, why he would I, could see. Them making, them, tomorrow expect tackler catches huge. Catch radius you know it's it's going. To be dangerous she goes with the guy like that take take some pressure off about having. To go, out there for. Like we gotta do everything you, know it feels good when you look over Mr, Ford you see another, way your, teammates, make a. Play and. It's just like it's like okay. Let's go, all right It's like you know, everybody's is picking up the slack, and, office is. Moving accordingly Headache for diesels coordinator so you, know correlates one of. Those guys come to definitely make. Us plays, force over, again makes us a better it will make us better off Oh you know last year I don't know where we finished but, open we could finish. The top five this year office DT He's. Drop some. Weight looks like he's got some sort of special diet he's working. On and do you guys talk about all that kind of stuff or is that just stuff for us to talk? About, yeah we talked about. It you know Mary's? You, know he wanted to. Lose weight Like you said You're only as I remember when I. Was twenty one I thought I was going to be. Twenty one forever Four four forty These days Roll novel by you and I gotta start, eating right and I got to recover privately soda bodies ready to run up against these twenty two. Year olds he's twenty guys thirty one You know I've been bracing it you know I still have my versus. Do they have much speed Game even, at my age right now coming into my nice so Optimistic I still, go out and compete with. These guys go another couple of years hopefully four or five years so we'll see. Changes in diet and making, sure you take care of your body we definitely talk. About that and I think. He's been doing a. Good job h it's just a number Emmanuel it. Really focus on you can't focus on the age and you're healthy. You're one of the best wide receivers, in the National Football League and I know you've you've battled true some nagging injuries all of, last year and and you feel good this year going in. Anyway Yeah I feel. Good you know the ankle was given the issues in. Season I finally got that under control A lot of specialists and just taking care of a body and recovered ice. And doing all the right. Things it was able to heal so I'm. Looking forward to this, last year it was tough man doodo. Playing with planning on an ankle What was it like fifty percent if that you know dealing with that pain in losing games I think that was the. Toughest part as well going. Into the locker room where you can't do. Anything about it you. Know you wanna be there for you That is not based which can't do anything. About it, so it suck with new year Oh gracious, I'm looking forward to getting this thing. Back right 'cause I know, what what it takes what it needs to. Be a Bronco I wanna. Represent. That well so I wanna give back to the games one more question for. You Emmanuel Sanders is with us a lot of young talented running backs on, this team, can you give us any insight into, some of these young guys Royce. Freeman David Williams DeAngelis Anderson even Yeah we got. We got some bruiser bags. We. Got a we got a nice stable there's a lot of young guys you. Know the older guy in the band it's gonna be interested in Seattle guys, do you, put on, patch But a tax so tomorrow night we're gonna find out who that you are. Who run through those tackles and pay fast rejected the whole nine yards so I'm. Looking, forward to seeing. You and I don't you know everybody you know that the Broncos fan is looking forward to seeing what we could possibly be. And then the and the test starts tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing it well thank you manual, I love the passion and the fire that you bring to. This team and every team needs guys. Like? You that. Bring, that and. I hope you have a. Really big year, this year because of you. Have a really big year the, Denver Broncos, you're also going to have a. Big year we'll look forward to senior. Tomorrow night right thank you Thank you a manual, Sanders brought to you by PDC. Energy Colorado-based producing oil and natural gas and supporting local communities.

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