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So someone named buddy absent. I looked up. He is in the Beverly hillbillies breakfast at Tiffany's, and then to TV shows bonanza gunsmoke which my dad used to watch every day. So I know they, I really love records the Tiffany, watched it in a while really games. I've never seen it either, but I know I should. So that doesn't mean much to me, but I know other people know who he is. So buddy ebbs. It was going to play David Crockett until Disney saw fess Parker in the movie them which is in nineteen fifty four. And when he saw him, he said, that's my Davy Crockett. And he became so identified with the role in nineteen sixty four. He starred in another TV series about Daniel Boone who's another American frontiers, man. I feel like he definitely after doing this. I feel like he was typecast oh, he's in the water. It's kinda like hot blanking, Clint Eastwood, big time, cowboy frontier, dune. You mean. So wall so that if he had known the success that David Crockett was going to have, he wouldn't have killed him off the third TV episode there yo MAG. Yup. But he found a way around it as we know. I mean, while sticks to history but doesn't always stick history. So like, yeah, everybody knows he dies in the Alamo, but if anybody was gonna undo that it would have been a few. So this film made a million dollars despite the fact that over fifty percent of the US had already seen it on TV. So this was due in part to the fact that the reviews and promotional material for the film didn't give any indication that it was a couple of compilation to the three one hour Davy Crockett, TV episodes, carpet, Indian, fighter, David, carpet, the ELO. The only difference between the TV movie version was at the theatrical version was in color. So ABC probably worth going to. I think that I mean what they have released nightmare bunch of times in the film and the one time it was three d, I s it. Yeah, you know what I mean is is different right kid. You ain't time nightmares in theater. Go Gonna see go see it. it. We just went to go see Harry Potter leaders for the anniversary. So I will about that. So ABC ABC TV which aired first Disneyland did not broadcast in color the time. So there was no way for being color when it came out. The this was the most successful early example of merchandise licensing licensing? Yes. I just want to say that it blows my mind that my mom was alive during this time and there was no color TV. We've. Isn't it crazy how fast things change? Yeah, more so than I think I mean, this is I can talk about this because it's relevant and it's coming out today. Obama just speak to the university of Illinois, and he said that we are progressing faster than like ever in history like humanity is like just flying by with technology and stuff. I mean with the education that we're getting different, it's totally different keep, but everybody should listen to that speech. So good. He was very off topic, but. He's the Crockett of our time, but he doesn't hunt bars. Or granite. Turn granola bar. Tune. Even granted on an Indian. So there was the Crockett perfectly like included skin caps and bubblegum cards. Another examples of successful merchandise in like the nineteen fifties area was like half along Cassidy. Elvis Presley in the sixties. It was like the Beatles, the monkeys in the Batman TV series. So other big hitters along. So it'll debut. It's crazy to think that the Davy Crockett craze is on the level of the Beatles, the monkeys and Batman of the sixties. Yeah. I mean, like I can picture those crazes in my head. Yeah, I wasn't alive during them obviously. But like I mean, the Beatles are still nuts. My mom talks about my mom talks about the Beatles craze. 'cause I mean, she was. She was like ten. She has a little bit across good Paul. Oh yeah..

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