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Salzburg's town the skyline bristles with broke steeples green copper domes overlooking at all is. The castle called the hall in salzburg. Fortress salzburg is a city of one hundred and fifty thousand people. It's australia's fourth largest and the regional capital. The old town sitting between the saul sock river and string hills holds nearly all the charm and most of the tourists notice all the churches. Salzburg nicknamed rome of the north is considered the greatest baroque city north of the alps. It has thirty eight catholic churches plus two protestant churches and a synagogue. The biggest green dome is the cathedral. We'll visit that shortly. Atop the hill is the fortress which you can tour far to the right of the fortress. You'll find the museum of modern art. It looks like a mini castle. But that's actually a water reservoir alongside the modern building. The museum is worth a visit more for the view from its restaurant then for the art still further to the right in the far distance. You catch a glimpse of a belltower with a green copper. Dome that's the augustine. Church side of the augustino brow. Jubal the best beer hall and down the river thunders. Under your feet. It's called salt river not because it salty but because of the precious cargo at once carried the salt mines of hotline just nine miles upstream in medieval times barges carried the precious salt from here to the wider world to the danube the black sea and then onto the mediterranean as barges passed through here. They had to pay a toll on their salt. The toll was enforced by soldiers of the local castle or salzburg. Salzburg grew into an important trade town. It.

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