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I'm not a big awards show guy. Anyway. Just off writ, like I like to be t-. Hip hop awards just for the ciphers. I mean I don't sit through the entire like Oscars Grammys or anything like it's not my Cup of tea present. I know you're all into that, especially like movie awards and such. But yeah, I just I can't. I don't understand. It's okay like I'm cool with people winning awards and getting lists. But like now that the NBA has gone to like their NBA awards might it's dumb. It's dumb to me. Give people that are wards in social media. Now they just don't up online put it on a website. Get some clicks, I don't need to watch this for four hours as he wins. So the BT wars, I was just like it was all my time line. And I was like people still watch shit. But then, that's what people think about us watching wrestling. Yeah. I guess so. The biggest highlights from me will really highlight, because it was it was a trailer. It was the Queen is slim trailer, which I'm super looking forward to seeing cleaning slim. This see the trailer Selena ways new movie. It's a it's about day Ecclesia in. I forgot the new girls name. Sir, I fill and it's about, you know, people they out on the date, get pulled over by the cops the kill the cops, and they go on the run right there. Outsold gosh. Got you. It's like the it's like the modern day black version of Bonnie, CLYDE, right? And I'm so I'm so what I saw the trailer. And I was like, I got to see this is fantastic. He was in get out. He was in a Black Panther. Great and everything, right? Yeah. Yeah. You know, the plot alone Lena Lena had is writing this film on the woman who's directing directed. A bunch of beyond say, is this a first big feature film, but it looks it looks great like those me. I'm just being on movies, period. But this one that was, like, when I saw the trailer during the BT awards, I was like, oh, yeah, I'm going to see this November's coming out. And I'll let you guys know this right now. They might be something special on my side, coming when this film comes out, so but I can't talk about it's way too early. Your man of a million jobs. All right. Unless you make a cameo, then that should be don't you get some sad credits. We didn't hear Wayne various. That's, that's what she'd takes off right there. I just read in the movie theater drags letting a beard, flourish. The random fucking. What like crazy black pro black movie like you just in the crowd like at activists. We need that, right? To do this. I had this to your to do list for next year. Twenty twenty days in the movie. So that was man, that's pretty much. What was online? No. How can I not forget about this because I want to touch on and it just happened today? Why are they going after by man mellow, they, they can't let my boy live? He's about to go to Lakers tried to get the cheap ring. Bad enough Barclays going bash them the whole season for getting a cheap one because Barkley sour. About not getting rings..

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