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Mike gallagher congressman mike kelly represents pennsylvania's third congressional district i wanted to chat with him about the border adjustment tax also of course the horrific shooting last week in alexandria virginia congressman kelly's a member of the house ways and means committee he attended the university of notre dame on a football and nacka democrat scholarship enjoy what our guest line so he's one of these smart guys who was a great athlete pay congressman houria homemake an and thank you for having me on it can really good to be where no pleasure right method that our listeners well pleasure to have you back and before we dive into the the border adjustment tax first of all thank god euro k and we we continue to pray for steve scalise and all those who were affected i saw one of the capital officers crystal throughout the first pitch at a baseball game last night and as did the other other brave hero hero officer man that that that's an event that that that will would change every single one of you who are in that august body doesn't it uh this is a big weekend bells nurseries because this is the weekend their annual clearancesale a big clearancesale german greenery is closed for the season but belts pecking road and bells cranberry road are both clearing out there giant greenhouses and the operative number for this big sale is fifty as in fifty percent off yes everything for your yard fifty percent off all bells famous hanging baskets this weekend fifty percent off as well as their big beautiful tubs all fifty percent.

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