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App it is the dark secret place Ryan soups in here until eleven o'clock and some sad news to report at December to do you know of the of the search for a missing hiker which began on December eighth for us for any of us mocha padi a fifty two year old from Irvine who was described as experience backpacker in in that search today one of the volunteer searchers for San Bernadino county search and rescue outfit was found dead separated from his partner wall up looking on mount Baldy and as San Bernadino said in the tweets about three hours ago update mount Baldy search and rescue during today's search a SPS the search and rescue team member became separated from his partner and air search located the team member unresponsive on ice and snow a medic was lowered to the search and rescue member discovered him deceased cause and circumstances surrounding this incident are unknown all search operations for Mister marker padi are suspended search and rescue crews are being recalled well from the mountain and search operations are being re evaluated so that's it's basically a safety stand down because now you lost a searcher looking for someone who's been missing for now for six days so December eighth and so this is something I take very seriously because I've I've about by used to back country ski all the time always what with a partner in the whole thing and and because I know at having been one of the people who's out there looking for you I was an explorer in high school and my share of department would call us would drag us at a high school to go searching for your goofy **** if if you in a drunken haze so went up by yourself looking for a hot spring when the Olympic national park which happened all the time and we will go find people dead because they went out wearing jeans cut off in a T. shirt trying to find a hot spring that they knew from their childhood but it wasn't there anymore and they were probably drinking Jack Daniels yeah yeah and then I had my own run in and I've been serious about the stuff ever since I went skiing by myself one day because I have made a buddy who we took the day off from work we were gonna meet at eight AM and we were gonna do up north our I mean with east of Seattle up in the mountains some back country skiing for the whole day and he canceled at the last minute and I said well I can't on you know take the day off from work so I went up to this other trail which is a more level trail I took my two dogs and I was blown off the trail and about ten feet down off this was if it recovered railway line and I was blown off a gust of wind blew me off I couldn't control it I went off and I hit my knee and head at the same time on snow covered rocks and a lot of snow on the rocks but still I bought my head and I woke up shivering soaking wet and the only reason I woke up this is my blue heeler Newman was chewing on my knee my knee was cut open like a friggin bobcat debt and Newman was chewing I woke up in pain because Newman was chewing on my knee and I got myself out to the trail Serbsky back to the parking lot got a my Isuzu trooper and I drove back to the north bend to Twin Peaks as as it's known around the world so I went to this clinic in Twin Peaks and north bend Washington and as I was in the car I have the heater blasting by the time I got to the parking lot my boot was filled with blood the the pants were filling up because they were tucked in the boot and I walked in the surgeon Kerr and I lost a lot of blood and I didn't even know it and and I I passed out in the reception room and if the dog had not been eating me I I may have just fallen asleep in the in the in the cold and so I I take this this stuff seriously the the the hiker looking for was separated from his partner and I don't know how you notice that an hour later or whatever I just know that you always do this stuff for the partner and then you always have a back up and and whether it's a strobe whether it's shiny mirror whatever and it's and and the reason the reason is because people are are putting their lives at risk to come find you complete strangers our our route are coming to find you and this cost the life of a thirty two year old Tim staples today who but who by the way is a teacher in la Verne at Damien high school in la Verne according to his of the school's website so they're gonna find out on Monday the Mister staples and because these are evidently a altruistic selfless guy is the is dead and so that's a really really sad December Dino county sure Carmen dealing with that and standing down on the search but like in first in Europe if you go hiking or certainly go back country skiing because I I didn't in Germany and Italy you got a buy in insurance policy they do not let you back there unless you can somehow cover the cost of the helicopter that will come looking for your goofy S. and the if it now if if you have a sat phone the price of the insurance goes down if you have a beacon the price of the insurance goes down but if you don't have any of those things you gotta you gotta show insurance policy and and and do that I we don't do that here the the sheriff's department here LA county they don't hand you an invoice they just thank you of the mountain and then you get news coverage like you're some hero or whatever you have really weird people a year ago mount Pinos could be a claim to been stuck up there for two weeks in the car and they didn't eat their dog it wasn't even like eight feet of snow but if they look pretty good yeah they mysteriously been up there for two weeks the county helicopter found number something and I mean I I just I I just I just I don't like the amateurs just don't like managers Iraq will be back ABC rocket engine test could be significant if you want to build a missile input multiple warheads on it and reach the United States for instance other more coming up dirty replace printed in here till eleven KFI am six forty live over on the I heart radio at Michael's pay.

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