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WSB. I'm Jay black and in two thousand eighteen we solve the longest speech ever given on the floor of the house representatives flip occur soon after I had no intention. Speaker in February Nancy Pelosi goes, eight hours and seven minutes. Uninterrupted trying to get a vote on immigration legislation to protect dreamers. Matt immigration fight makes our list of the top stories of the year. At our countdown continues with WSB's, Amanda, number twelve the immigration battle. The Trump administration's zero tolerance policy creates outrage as children are separated from their families in June. The policy is later rescinded in November a caravan of Central American migrants makes its way to the US. Mr. Trump since thousands of troops to the border number eleven President Trump's crumbling cabinet secretary defenses, gone were pulling out of Syria. What is going on reaction is swift and mid December. When Defense Secretary James Mattis resigned after Mr. Trump's Syria decision, he's the fifth cabinet member to quit or get fired this year, including attorney general Jeff Sessions following the election number ten. It's a very horrific crime scene. One of the worst that I've seen eleven people are shot to death, Pittsburgh synagogue in October. It's the deadliest attack against Jews on American soil. The alleged gunman pleads not guilty number nine the city of Atlanta bribery scandal. We don't know what direction. This investigation is going mayor kisha Lance bottoms pledges to root out corruption while the GP circles. Predecessors administration to have Qassim. Reads lieutenants have been charged with taking millions in bribes number eight governor deal signs, the distracted driving law in may all of us going to have to make an adjustment. And it's the biggest adjustment for Georgians since the seatbelt law. Drivers are now being ticketed for holding their phones behind the wheel number seven. This whole two week effort has been a calculated an orchestrated political hit sexual assault allegations against supreme court nominee Brett cavenaugh service. Pristine Blasi Ford says it started when they were in high school in one thousand nine hundred eighty two the cavenaugh is sworn in by two votes to replace the retiring Anthony candidate number six the historic summit between the US and North Korea. Here's ABC's, Karen Travers..

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