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And went and are actually really leading the way. So this this this it normal to thank wow. I Don I live in a cold climate. How am I gonna get son? You actually do get a lot of sense solar panels are actually becoming much more efficient and much more cost effective. In fact, they are much cheaper than fossil resources at this point and storage is another big important component of that. Those prices are dropping you do get a lot of sun. You do get a lot of wind. There is a lot of opportunity there to power your homes with that Denver, Colorado. Dave democrat good morning. Even denver. Go ahead, sir with whisperer. Thank you. I thought we're talking about climate change. I'm I'm glad to see that. She spent his evolving, I remember ten years ago, if you mentioned the word climate change, they would hang up on you. At least we were discussing today for my question is there's a little girl in Switzerland. Name is gratitude birds, she gave a speech about climate change. And I would just wondering if if a few spanker put her speech on talking about how. Here are mature enough to do anything? So we've left a burden onto the children to do something about it. It's a wonderful speech. What I'm just saying? I'm just wondering why are the children in Europe? So so they're activists against for for climate change it here in America. I mean, we're we have no we just have people against it. Like, your last guest, people that believe the only people that believe climate change is real are the people that believe the world is six thousand years old. Thanks for the suggestion was Parral. Sure, I'm a huge fan of Gress. And and really I do think we need to the youth in our in our country and across the world are an incredible moral, compass for our culture in our community and really need to listen to you right now, I will just say, Greta as part of a huge movement of young people, and there's a lawsuit actually that young people across the country are actually suing the government for this because their futures at stake the sunrise movement, which is the incredible movement of our youth has actually made a huge difference on Capitol Hill pushing the green new deal pushing for climate action. And you know, we have to remember that this is fair future at stake. And I completely agree with you. I think her speech is really moving. Would you think about that viral interaction between Senator Feinstein and some younger environmental activists in her office on Capitol Hill share I thought that was constructive. Actually, I thought it was. Was great to see the activists there really speaking their minds, and it was really inspiring to see the young activists, and I have a almost middle schooler. And it's great to see them, you know, exercising their civic duty and Senator Feinstein actually thinks that she's committed to climate change action. She was debating some of the real life issues of how you're gonna pay for it. How are we going to make this happen? She's ready to actually do something on climate change. She's showing she's ready to actually think about how to pay for it. She's ready to think about all these things. So I thought it was very constructive. And we've seen this past week the Democrats in the Senate, including center Feinstein have continued to just move forward with a plan that they are not succumbing to Mitch McConnell's climate denial his stunt that he pulled this past week. Conflict. I call a stunt because he knew that this is a resolution he was bringing it up just to vote it down. And he really is listening to the fossil fuel industry that has funded his campaigns for years. It's a political stunt. He had no intention of really having a conversation about solutions to climate change. And so that's why we call it a political stunt Democrats joined Republicans in voting no on that resolution this week. Joe Manchin from West Virginia Doug Jones of Alabama, Christian cinema of Arizona and gets king of Maine all the rest of the Democrats voting present your thoughts on this four four who joined Republicans on. Well, I think they have additional suggestions for proposals for solutions to climate change. And while the green new deal might not be something that they're interested in. I think that they are open to having conversation, and we've had really good conversations with a lot of those offices on the inside. Thing is they've got incredible. I mean, Arizona has incredible resources than solar and went, and I think that the people are Zona are looking to the senators to actually represent them in their real interests interested. There's huge opportunity there. There's a huge opportunity and West Virginia and Alabama. So we're going to keep working with them, and they have a lot of ideas on climate solution. So other Republicans that you're working with this year club who also have definitely definitely we work with numerous Republicans in both the house and Senate. We we're talking to Romney. We're talking to numerous Republicans like Fitzpatrick and in the house because we do know at the end of the day. This has got to be a bipartisan solution. And and so there are a lot of Republicans that do want to roll up their sleeves and talk about solutions. And they know that there's real economic possibility here how far has Mitt Romney told you he's he's willing to go on some of these plans. He obviously voted no on the green new deal. He hasn't. Specifically talked us about how far he's willing to go. I know in the past he has acknowledged that we need to do something on the climate crisis. And he is ready to talk about solution. So that's as much as as I know, that's fine. Smyrna Tennessee, Arnold democrat. Good morning. Good morning. How are you doing soon? Well, go ahead. Yes. I wanted to ask I asked lives if she's ever heard of a man by the name of Joe Holden. Hold on who's your holding Arnold. Joe Holden, according to the internet, and he's all over the internet. It's all over YouTube. He was the inventor of the after burner for for for you know, for jets. He was a jet pilot during the Korean war. He was the lead engineer for for rolls. Royce, jet engines, he has some inventions that you can see on YouTube that he claims, you know, would change things, and it's just being ignored, you know, and I'm assuming that it's true because there's too much about his life for it to be a big lie was pro did you wanna follow up? I have not heard about him more. That's, but I'm curious I will Google when I get back to my desk, and there are plenty of technological innovations that we need to be entertaining right now time for just a couple more calls, Tim. I'm Baltic Ohio Republican go ahead. Twenty seven years. Bill water wastewater street, the department of natural resources in the state of Ohio calculated. One billion gallons of water a day is sucked out of the ground. This is blizzard and put into Lake Erie Ileana river. Why couldn't they take some of that water? Not just from the state of Ohio and Pennsylvania was getting all these states. They go into the Mississippi. The real root lines out to the south west and irrigate the southwest to cool down in the summers and open up the land out there. The said that the desert's in the world. Increased one meter a year. That's not much. I mean, if you look at a year for all the desert's in the world, but you could decrease that. So it's an interesting idea. I definitely think we need to be careful about the way we use water in the country. And as we're seeing climate change is having a huge impact on our water resources causing lots of drought as well as flooding. So it's critical that we look at that. When we think about how we manage our drinking water, and our wastewater, and and also look at the impact that climate change is having to David in Clinton township Michigan independent good morning. Good morning. Yeah. I just wanted to say with them with with all the propaganda from the deniers would you consider any a politician that would use a new green deal? It's a political platform could energize people who do not believe the evidence, and then vote against anyone supporting the greenie didn't do deal in favor of somebody who wouldn't that policies contrary to what you are trying to accomplish. You know, I think that we need to have a conversation across the country actually, the in many state houses, they are actually talking about the possibility of moving two hundred percent clean energy. And it's really critical that we talk about those possibilities. We look at how we're going to build an equitable Konami. And and we just are Frank with people about the incredible projects that are happening across the country to build solar build wind do energy efficiency. And and really be practical and serious about what kind of projects like defined does this year club, usually endorsing presidential elections. Yes, we sometimes do sometimes down. So any thoughts on this time around in the field? That's forming on the democratic side. So we were basically we take we have a very democratic process to do that. And so there's no we're just starting our process, and we talked to the candidates about what they really. Stand for in terms of the environment. Environmental protection protecting. Our public lands moving forward to clean energy. And then we evaluate how they do that. And we work with our our chapters and our members across the country, if you're a member, thank you very much its members like you the pay my salary, and and then we actually really work with our our democratic process to find a person that we would like to endorse and sometimes we don't endorse. Sometimes there's so many great candidates that we are just supportive of what they stand for this year club said how much it's looking to spend in the twenty twenty elections whether it's presidential or congressional. We have not said that yet. Nope. Usually is it bad park in the tens of millions of dollars millions of dollars. I can't speak to that per se. I am not on that side of our Sierra Club work. I work on our on our C three side. And and so I can't speak to that. But our director will have that person on down the road. I'm sure. Time for just a couple more calls. Loyd has been waiting San Diego. California republicans. Go ahead. Last year. I had a chance to drive from Washington state to Florida, and I was surprised by the number of windfarms in Missouri. And then I had another chance to drive from this spring or winter from Florida to California, I was totally surprised by what I saw in Sweetwater, Texas. There were literally thousands of windmills out that way or wind turbines, and even there was a technical school. There was it was advertising for four. Or actually there was the company's advertising for wind turbine technicians on billboards. So it's not just hundreds of wind turbines in Sweetwater, Texas. These are thousands. So it's it's truly astounding what is happening in the United States. I I couldn't agree more. And is it amazing states? Like, Texas really.

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