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Alive, man. Let's make the best of it. I'm thankful to be alive. Yeah. Four eight nine two seven zero three as my number. You want to know what's going on in the world. And I wanna share what it is that I have learned with you. Let's get at it. So. In kenya. The people of Kenya. Morning. A memorial service has been held in the Kenyon capitol Nairobi for some of those killed during an attack by Islamist militants in a hotel and office complex week ago. Hundreds of mourners gathered to pay tribute to six men who are all employed by the same technology for firm say you locked the company was praised for their selflessness, and bravery. Somali-based Islamist group. Al Shabaab said they carried out the attack five militants, including a suicide bombers stormed the luxury do sit complex in the west district of the capital of Nairobi on Tuesday, killing at least twenty one people and injuring dozens more. Closer to home. But yet. International. There's a report that the White House is cancelling trade planning meeting with China. According to CNBC, the Trump administration called off the meeting that was scheduled for this week because of outstanding disagreements over enforcing intellectual property rights. Forty five has said he'll reinforce punitive tariffs on about half of all Chinese exports to the US if Washington and Beijing can't agree on a permanent trade solution by. FBI agents. Association claim that the streets of America are more dangerous because of the partial government shutdown the union released a seventy two page report on yesterday that detail delays on forensic interviews and grand jury indictments because of the shutdown. Agents are not able to pay snitch is there's a lack of translators that helped them keep track of violent gangs such as MS thirteen. So forty five is personally responsible for making the country. More dangerous, according to the FBI. Forty five is also promising that there will be a state of the union speech next week. Where it will be delivered is still unknown. The White House said it hopes to deliver it in the US house of representatives as usual, but they will find another place if they're not allowed in by house speaker Nancy Pelosi. And I'll blame him for not letting them come in its up to join. California Democrat has suggested that forty five wait until the shutdown Hans because it would not be unfair. Or would it would be rather? Unfair to ask security personnel to guard the event. While ain't getting paid. Agree with her. The risk. Good news out in California. Teachers will be returning to their classrooms on this morning in LA. The union representing them agree to a deal on Tuesday to end the strike. And this is important to note. They get everything that they asked for the teachers will be getting more money. But they say the big win was a concession by the district to cut down the size of classrooms. Which means that they will hire more teachers, there's also money more money for support staff such as nurses and librarians. And I was thinking, you know. Look what they were able to get out of their union. What did Atlanta Atlanta? Teachers get. Locked.

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