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What is that professor who teaches endocrinology. The whole endocrinology blocked. What are they going to do now. So not very. Many schools adopted french textbook and the publisher was losing money on it and not surprisingly they stopped publishing it so nobody got to hear that version of the story. Well okay a few people do. But they're probably long gone in case you didn't know it. It's incredibly expensive to produce textbooks especially anatomy and physiology textbooks really. You have no idea so if you come up with a better story and put that into a textbook you better have a large enough pool of adopters ready to jump on that or your book will never see another edition and then nobody gets to hear the story. Actually it won't get past the first review stage. Says you can forget about that. I vision anyway. And there's the learning outcomes and other standard guides on the order of topics. Yeah i know. Nobody is obliged are expected to follow. The order of the hats learning outcomes but they are there and the topics are in the order. Found in all the mp textbooks. So it's really it's kinda part of that. Massive body that resists chain now part of that resistance comes in other practical matters such as transfer transferability of credits being first and foremost a community college educator. This is a big deal for me. If i teach my amp course in unexpected order and then my ap one course will be different than yours and if my student wants to transfer my ap one course to your institution so they can take ap to there. It's not gonna work your school. Probably won't take my course as transfer course but if they do well they do and then that student will get some topics twice which is not bad but some topics will be missed entirely which is bad before moving onto my main point. Yes i do have a point. I'm getting to here. Let's.

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